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trail locations for Durango, Colorado

I hiked part of this trail to get to Perins peak, but I think I took the hard way up. The trail system lead me most of the way. ****

off road driving
9 days ago

The majority of this trail is little more than a rough dirt road. There are definitely some spots with steep climbs and obstacles, but on the whole a straightforward route. A friend and I reached the summit and decided to give the pass a try. The road was definitely on the moderate scale, however steep dropoffs got the better of our nerves and we quickly returned the way we came. A great time but not for the faint of heart.

Nice views of Durango and easy to get to from the center of town.

Most of the climb up is not necessarily scenic or beautiful, but it is a good workout with some switchbacks and elevation gains. We did the loop, and the path down was a little more forested and had some pretty meadows too.

Our Garmin clocked 6.13 miles, but we did take time to check out the lookout points. From some of the lookout points, we could see the river curving through town, and it was beautiful.

trail running
30 days ago

Pretty well laid out. A couple areas where it got tricky to navigate.

I wasn't thrilled with the views, but in all fairness, I didn't do the whole loop, and I think it's more meant for mountain biking than hiking.

Great little trip to the creek. Valley views are excellent.

1 month ago

Great trail and great views at the end. When you reach the top (the saddle), just before the decent to Ruby lake there are many great views and places to stop for pictures or lunch. I will admit, looking down at Ruby lake knowing I was going to have to climb back out was a bit daunting. Not to mention the thunder in the distance.
The trail itself is not very steep except towards the end before Ruby Lake. There is plenty of water along the way if you have dogs.
The road to the trailhead is a whole other story. The last 2-3 miles is a pretty rough high clearance road. There was one last feature about .5 miles from the trailhead I just couldn't navigate. My F150 only has a 1" body lift and I didn't trust the rocks and ruts in just one specific spot. By this point there were some pull-offs though. Just be careful not to catch grass on fire with your cats, it is fire season.

off road driving
1 month ago

If you plan on driving please have a capable vehicle. Altitude was roughly 7300. Not sure about my devices' accuracy but non the less amazing views of Durango and a parallel lake or reservoir?

Beautiful easy walk along the creek. Be sure and take your bug spray!! There were spots for mosquitos- but not the entire trail

Beautiful walk along Hermosa Creek. We went about 5 miles out and came back. Walk was very easy and scenery was outstanding. Saw a couple of mountain bikers and some fishermen but otherwise not crowded. Easy access from Hermosa Park Road.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Took the lifts to the top, and rode the trails down. Some sections are very technical. Excellent mt. biking trail if you like to go fast and furious.

1 month ago

Gorgeous views of the mountains and a beautiful walk along the Animas river. Recommend having Off as mosquitos were numerous. My phone showed the trail as being 5.9 miles and we did not quite make it to the bridge and picnic tables. Some may find the 1000' climb back out challenging. Worth every minute!!


What an awesome hike! Definitely recommend this to anyone in the Durango area. Gorgeous views, and if you leave early enough you're alone on the trail.

Wonderful views and it's nice that it's a loop. We veered to the left on the way up and realized on the way down we'd chosen the harder way to the top. The right side of the loop is more switchbacks and not as much of a constant incline. Taking the longer outer trail was a good idea, the viewpoints are worth it.

went out 4, and came back. beautiful trail, well maintained. Has a few elevation changes but nothing too rough. pleasant hike overall with cool scenery. Dog friendly. Bring water during July and August.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike!! One of my new favs here in the San Juan's now!! Absolutely loved the hike, not strenuous at all, follows the creek which is lovely. Can't wait to complete the whole thing in the future!!