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trail locations for Conifer, Colorado

great trail! nice easy ride, 4 miles go's to quick, so i rode it 2 more times.

Very enjoyable hike today. My nephew from Florida was with us he also enjoyed. Probably would've been nice two weeks ago with all the colors.

There are numerous hikes here so you have options depending on what you want to see and what you're up for. $7 entrance fee, they provide a map, we saw numerous staff offering assistance and NO DOG POOP/BAGS along the trail!

We hiked up to a few scenic viewpoints then to the Old Mill then down the trail to the Old Mill. Strenuous and further than we'd planned but pretty. Lots of mountain bikers and a few horses but everyone was courteous and shared the trail.

Pretty easy hike but a lot of dog poop on the trail. Why can't people pick up after their pooch?

Really pretty trial and eagle view at the top was totally worth it. It was moderately strenuous. Love the town of Conifer too!

I don't even want to tell you guys about how amazing this trail is so I can keep it to myself

This is not a hiking trail. It is a city park trail you can find in any neighborhood. If you're looking for a true Colorado hike skip this trail.

Nice little hike, but there isn't a view at the top because there are trees the entire time.

First time here. Absolutely beautiful, family friendly, dog friendly, easy to moderate depending on the trails you choose. Rock climbing area was awesome. We hiked to the pond and went behind it, and hiked another mile to the waterfall, laid a few towels down, read and relaxed. So chill.
Next time I'm coming to bike it!! Most trails allow biking and horseback, too.

Trail was really well maintained, lots of parking, not too many people. Challenging in a fun way. Definitely go to Eagle's view; 180 degree views were stunning at top. Road is easy to navigate and it's easy to find.

1 month ago

Easy run/walk with the fam yesterday! Great for young kids! We were able to chat with fellow dog walkers as well! There are bikers on this trail but everyone communicated well and were very respectful!

Staunton is 1st Class. Anything from a 3 mile to a 17 mile hike is doable at this park, without having to do the same trail twice. People giving this park less and a 4 star review are hacks.