trail locations for Commerce City, Colorado

Very beautiful walk and rather easy, definitely one I'll be back to visit

Another nice place to hike, bird-watch and fish in the middle of the city. Free entry and if you hit it at the right time, you'll see bison roaming the plains. I've seen plenty of birds, bison, snakes, prairie dogs and other animals on my hikes.

Nice and quite

Great easy trail for a private walk or run. Very sunny though.

The hike of these trails are precise at easy, flat and graveled. Downside is lack of shade cover. They also offer a 9 mile drive trail with a chance to observe the Bison heard. Visitor center is open Tue-Sun Sunrise to Sunset. No bike trails offered.

Get their early and you'll see buffalo and plenty of white tails. Flowers are beautiful but the trails are easy. Great place to take the kids.

Did not see much wildlife. The area near the ponds/lakes is full of Deer Flies. was bit several times. Bring spray.

you can make the trails as long as you want. all accessible with a stroller. so much wildlife and that's what makes this a fun place to hike. everything is pretty easy. little to no shade so not great for the summer months. sad to see the construction nearby.

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Nice walking trail, you can make it as long as you want. No shade. We went in the winter on a fairly warm day, don't think I'd do this hike in the summer.

Great place to get away if you don't feel like driving to the mountains!

Perfect for younger kids, or a relaxing walk. Okay for jogging.

Had trail all to myself the Friday afternoon I hiked it in early April. Thre aren't necessarily scenic views by Colorado standards but there is plenty of wildlife on this short, easy hike. Saw whitetail deer, mule deer, prairie dogs, plenty of cottontails, and even a rattlesnake.

This was a super easy family hike with a ton of deer and birds

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Nice easy stroll with scenic views and wildlife present if lucky enough to see.

While it's not exactly a place for great hiking, it is an absolute-must if you enjoy scenic driving, light walking, and wildlife watching. The mornings and evenings are the best time to spot wildlife. I have seen deer (including bucks), hundreds of prairie dogs, multiple bison, rabbits, hawks, and owls. It's a very peaceful and quiet place.

Living in Denver, it's easy to take places like the arsenal for granted. We have sweeping views, sparkling lakes and challenging hikes just an hour two away, but for the days when you're not able to escape out to the mountains, the arsenal is a gem.

You can walk around some pretty cute ponds (I've taken many an instagram there) and see lots of beautiful animals. If you go in the winter and stay until the evening, at sunset all the geese fly into the ponds and it's the most amazing sound ever.

Exceptional if you're a wildlife buff, great for birds and photographers. It's also nice if you have kids, because it's not a hike, just a walk.