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Lots of trail options, great sites and wildlife. Beautiful in all seasons. Can be crowded but less so early morning.

Nice adjustable length and difficulty trail. When I went with my dog, we encountered other leashed dogs and good owners. The bike riders were also very aware and respectful.

Next to the highway, really loud.

20 days ago

This hike/walk is in a residential neighborhood and borders a wastewater treatment facility.... Would not go out of my way to partake in again. Maybe nice for the neighborhood folks, but walking alongside the stench of sewage in the beginning of the hike was less than appealing.

Wonderful quick hike with surprising natural features.

Not difficult. Different type of hike, as you are along the cliff face almost the a quarter of the time.

Great trails. You can make it as long or as short as you like. Beautiful mountain vistas close to an urban setting. Will hike this trail often especially due to its close proximity to Castle Rock.

Amazing views of the canyon from above! Well shaded. Easy-moderate trail depending on the loop with a variety of different features: canyon, cliffs, plains, rock overhangs. The sedimentary rock (plus the distraction of the views) can make it a little more likely to twist an ankle so I'd suggest wearing hiking boots over sneakers.

Very scenic and moderately challenging.

Definitely a great trail! Being from Houston, way back up definitely got my heart racing, but there are plenty of big rocks under trees to sit and take in all the beauty! Would highly recommend this trail to others!

Did this hike mid day. There is no shade so bring a hat and plenty of water. Several benches along the way to stop. Even though the hike is relatively easy I would not bring my kids because of the lack of shade and the fact that it is an open space with mostly grass all around would probably bore them. (They're kids after all)

I did this trail with my kids and we stop quite a bit but it was a great trail for them. They enjoyed jumping off the rocks they came across and it didn't have a lot of elevation so it was a great beginner trail for them.
Definitely very poorly marked though and I used the GPS on the All Trails app while we were recording the walk to make sure we stayed on track.

Really nice, just not well marked. But really pretty and fun with the family.

trail running
2 months ago

This is more of a place to work out than to hike. I do it several times a week and it is a good workout to run up the stairs and down the trail.