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trail locations for Bailey, Colorado

Didn't have much time, so only went in about 2 miles to the river where there is a great view into the valley. Tall pines and aspens, with plenty of water stops. Easy to park off paved road. There are places to camp after about a mile, lots of firewood.

2 days ago

great hike! We only passed 4 groups of people the entire trail. Beautiful lake. The road is a little sketchy to get there. I have an outback and it did fine, higher clearance would be nice, but I also saw some little non four wheel drive vehicles on the road. Also, if you put the trailhead in googlemaps it should take you right there. The trailhead is not well marked, but googlemaps did a good job.

2 days ago

We went on a Sunday and only saw 3 other groups. Make sure you have a vehicle with high clearance, the road is really rocky to the trail head.

3 days ago

Spectacular aspen change colors. Blinding yellow. We went a little past the second creek crossing - very easy hike - really more of a walk. Gentle steady uphill but mostly rock free. Very wide trail. Suitable for everyone. Plenty of dogs running around. Will try it again in the winter - will be a nice snowshoe hike

We hiked 4 miles up the trail, the first two were relatively simple although uphill for the most part. The next two miles had a little rougher trail. The sites were absolutely beautiful and the aspen groves were truly magical. We got out on the trail about 7:15 and only saw another group on the trail. Definitely recommend!

Great moderate trail with amazing gold Aspens in the fall. Dogs allowed on leashes.

Had the entire trail to myself during Peak Autumn season. Lots of diversity. Would do again next fall.

This trail suffers from "lack of destination". It was a nice little hike, and nature is always great, but there is nothing to look forward to. I would leave this one to the locals, and go find something better.

Didn't get to complete the whole trail due to time constraints but it was a nice gradual climb the whole way. I hiked up mid September and the foliage was absolutely beautiful. Definitely want to go back and finish the hike.

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13 days ago


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16 days ago

The county Road 62 has been paved ALL the way from Grant to I70. Parking has been expanded by combining trailheads like Whiteside and Threemile Creek. This means the OLD trailhead parking referred to above is not correct. Loads more parking for cars AND oversized vehicles like RVs and horse trailers. Park in the new lot and cross the bridge. Take the trail on the RIGHT until it crosses the road and the old trailhead will be obvious.

16 days ago

Not the most scenic trail, but had some a few great vistas and a pretty stream. Best part was the drive in.

16 days ago


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21 days ago

This is a moderate trail with the random spots to push it if you feel like it. It's a fun trip to take and not that far outside of Denver. This does bring a fare amount of traffic so be prepared for that. Most 4x4s with at least stock lockers and even some without should have no big issues. The trail does change as people go up it so this can change but with some good spotting you should have fun. As in all off-roading it's a good idea to have a good backup of water and food plus a additional wheeling rig. Stock vehicles may come back with some memory marks but they make for great stories with friends. Have fun and wheel on!

23 days ago

DH, 11 yo son, and I made our way up Tanglewood a little more than 3 miles before son was done. Trail during switchbacks became tricky to follow.
LOVED, LOVED that we could actually count the number of groups we passed (vs the hoards of people on our 14er). Quiet and peaceful. Enjoyed the trickling creek and wind through the pines. In two weeks, the aspens will be changing colors and the trail will look different. Feels like a moderate plus rating is deserved.

Wow! What a beautiful view at the top! It wasn't too crowded at all and the trail was pretty easy to follow the whole way. It's tiring for sure but doable! Can't wait to come back and maybe try to go up Rosalie!