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Fun trail! It's been snowing a lot recently so snowshoes were super helpful. Amazing views all throughout the hike. Would definitely recommend!

16 hours ago

Only made it a few miles in until we were making fresh tracks. Started post holeing deeper with snowshoes that we cared to so, we turned around. Beautiful hike though and our dog really enjoyed it.

There's a good foot or two of snow in in most areas, found a few thigh deep spots.


Planned on doing the 4 Loop Pass but due to Moose activity we had to change to this trail at the last minute. New plans were to hike West Snowmass Trail to the Snowmass Lake / Buckskin turnoff and come over Buckskin pass and out Maroon Lake where we parked our vehicle. After 2 days of hiking, we were encourage to turn back by a couple older/experienced hikers because the trail was still closed due to the moose and we would likely be forced to turn around by rangers and not allowed to exit at Maroon Lake where our vehicle was waiting. The decision was hard but seemed like the only option. This was our very first hiking voyage in our lifetime and we are 50yrs old. Decided not to make any big mistakes and turned back on the same trail we came in on.
The rain was horrible every afternoon. We were forced into our tents by 6pm every night and layed on the hard-cold ground for 12hrs. We should have taken a large tarp to put over our campsite.
Additionally, our packs were 50+ lbs each. I will easily cut that back to 30lbs on my next hike.
The trail was beautiful but I didn't expect the first 3 miles to be going through gates and walking in cow poop. The poop was thick in places and it got all over my hiking poles and lower pant legs.
The brush overgrowth in areas was 10-12 ft tall and after the evening rain, it would get you soaked as you walked through it the next morning.
Overall..... a beautiful area for my first hike. Definately more difficult than I ever expected but worth it.
Looking forward to going back. Less pack weight and earlier in the season to avoid moose and the heavy rain period. More experience will be helpful as well.

Generally pretty flat. Has a good spread of trails that span all over the park. Very dog friendly - mine loves it here.

Awesome trail. I visited Boulder in August. Varied terrain and scenery all the way to the scramble and climb to the top. A great way to take in the range of trails and scenes over Boulder. Views of the continental divide from the top. Start early to avoid the heat through the exposed sections on the way up on a warm day. Loved this trail!

1 day ago

Took our dog. Great time.

This is an easy trail, easy to access, and filled with great views!

nice but short; the sunset curfew is annoying especially later on in the year.

this is a good hike for an evening work out with nice views from the top and options to join other routes; the deer are used to people enough to give a close encounter whilst staying safe.

great hike with a steep start leading to easier moderate ground. There are many more trails than the trail most travelled which we've taken to exploring because it is such a heavily trafficked area.

2 days ago

I was only in Denver for a couple of days and accidentally stumbled on this trail while leaving Red Rock. I am so glad I did. This is a challenging trail with very little rest from the climb, but the views at the top make it well worth it.

scenic driving
2 days ago

We, too, did this in September and the drive was beautiful. Starting in Estes, the view of Longs and Meeker Peaks to forests filled with the fall color of aspens. Nederland is a quirky little place worth wondering around. Later, you come to the casino area of Black Hawk. Going beyond Black Hawk on 119 and 6 will lead you through some canyon areas and on to Denver.

Nice little family hike. Beautiful place

Very rocky and wooded trail where you get some clearings for great views, creek crossings and very few people if you want to get away from the masses. Looked for wildlife but didn't see anything.
We took our time on the way back and relaxed a few times besides the creek and put our feet in the freezing water at one point.
Enjoyed the solitude and peacefulness of this trail.

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever finished!

Great trail! Well marked and not difficult. Had some great views on the back side of the hike.