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trail locations for Colorado
9 hours ago

I'm a local, grew up 5 mins away from the trail. I LOVE it. It steep until you get to Surprise Lake. At the end it's a little tricky. You will see a lake and think you made it, but its Cat Lake. I do recall a sign that was there explaining it. Go further up and you will find upper Cataract. There are camping spots around the lake and it's the at the base of Eagle's Nest (Most locals call it Sleeping Indian). An Awesome view the whole way up!!

Great views, fun climby parts at the top. I couldn't finish it because I had my husky with me so I wouldn't recommend bringing big dogs.

Excellent view with only a short hike.

12 hours ago

Beautiful hike!! The beginning is mostly downhill so don't forget about that uphill on the way back!

13 hours ago

The hike ends up being 8 plus miles round trip 1788’ elevation gain. It's an awesome hike and there is some great camping around the lake!

14 hours ago

Really nice hike for when you don't have a lot of time. doesn't take long to get to the lake.

Unintentionally did this trail this past Sunday, and I don't think a more beautiful place exists than Odessa Lake. I was truly in awe of the cascading peaks surrounding the lake and the crystal clear, blue water. This is a hike that you will not regret and only the first 3.5 miles are up hill. Everything from the descent down to Odessa to Fern Lake is downhill. Be prepared for about a 9.5 mile hike!

Awesome View at the top!

This loop was great! The second half (if you go clockwise) is especially beautiful.

I did this yesterday solo! This was my 1st 14'er.11.02 miles round trip starting at Summit Lake up Mt. Spaulding and around the ridge to the Mt. Evans Summit and down via the road back to the parking lot. The views of Summit Lake, Sawtooth Ridge and Abyss Lake are incredible and not to mention on a clear day like I had you can see at least 5 identifiable 14'ers from up there. I also saw Big Horn Sheep, Coyotes, Mountain Goats and Mule Deer all on this trail. This is a difficult, rocky, exposed and very steep climb, Yes, make no mistake you are climbing a 14'er on this trail. Take proper clothing and gear and always be prepared, it's better to have the gear and not need it than to need it and not have it. This is a serious climb! Upon returning to the parking lot at around sunset the Alpine Rescue Team was mustering and going to search for a missing woman on this mountain. Temperatures were dropping rapidly at sunset, 44° when I got to the bottom and dropping fast. I sure hope they found her! Weather can change rapidly at these elevations and getting in trouble can happen fast. Be prepared! All in all I had an amazing day! Just me and the mountain! Amazing! I cant wait to do it again!

1 day ago

Beautiful golden aspens in the fall! Gorgeous views! A short but sweet hike. The loop we did felt consistent with 2.2 miles total. Took us maybe 1.5 hrs walking fairly slow.

Great trail! Short but very steep most of the way.