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11 hours ago

on Coot Lake Trail

11 hours ago

Lake itself is quite lovely, and trail is convenient to Boulder and Longmont areas. Path is wide, smooth, and flat, appropriate for all ability levels and many uses. Very dog friendly - though almost felt like a dog park with so many present on a crowded Sunday afternoon.

12 hours ago

Absolutely gorgeous hike! It is a little challenging at the end climbing up the rocks but it makes the end result worth it! This hike is one of the favorites I've done so far in the Rockies. Would definitely do it again

Great hike. Great end result. It is definitely difficult but the views are worth it

I absolutely loved this hike and would do it again! Not only is the end spectacular but the entire hike was full of spectacular views. There are very few trails that I actually enjoy the scenery the entire time. Such a great hike.

15 hours ago

Nice easy trail! Very dog friendly, I think I was the only one without a dog. Much better parking across the street.

16 hours ago

Trail is very steep with not much traction on a lot of loose scree. There is plenty of nice hiking around Blodgett Peak Open Space, nicely restored after the 2012 fire. Fun geocaches in the area too if that's your thing.

17 hours ago

Unique surprise spot east of Colorado Springs.

17 hours ago

People with dogs are some of the most disrespectful jerks. Clearly dogs must be kept on a leash but we are living in an era where people feel entitled to ignore this simple request as pictures on this trail would indicate.

Nice, relaxing hike with beautiful views!

18 hours ago

Had an amazing time!! GORGEOUS views!! Definitely worth the climb!

18 hours ago

Great to do with family, old and young. Lots of bikes, runners, and hikers getting in each other's way.

18 hours ago

short trail through the mountains with a nice view at the end.

18 hours ago

A bit less scenic than I was hoping for. The easy rating is definitely accurate, I did a little trail running to get my heart rate up. Cant complain though since I was looking for something more "local" from Denver. There are a bunch of trails that give you the option to lengthen or shorten your hike and maps provided at the trail head that were very helpful with all the trail connectors.

19 hours ago

Trail was in better shape than I thought it would be. Couple areas where trees are down on the path. Other than that it was a fun time. Might take some time to get up to it, but if you pack light you can jog most of the way down.