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7 days ago

Love this hike. I've done it early in the morning, in the middle of the day, and at night. Late in the morning on a Saturday is the worst time because there will be more people. The hardest part is toward the end. There are 2 extremely steep slopes to climb up (depending on how far you go). I think it's great fun though. Great spot to catch the sunrise or sunset.

18 days ago

Absolutely fabulous!!! It is a real fairytale come to life. The Giant Sequoias alone are worth the trek. The tree-lined paths and the low-hanging willows give this trail a mystical essence. And the accurately-ranked moderate course provides for a refreshing workout. There are ponds and picnic areas and scenic spots that together make this trail a day-long experience, if you choose it to be. Worth every minute it took to get here--a trip which, by the way, was itself a prize!

horseback riding
20 days ago

Beautiful lots of trails and lots of beautiful oak trees

25 days ago

Went trail running with my dog this morning. It was great. Trail is kind of narrow for us though because my girl is used to running next to me not behind or in front. Glad no one was watching because she almost tripped me a few times. I can't wait to come back though. It's nice being in the shade too! Make sure and keep your eyes open though, there were a lot of tracks and scat that didn't belong to domestic animals. Really enjoyed this trail!

1 month ago

What a wonderful surprise....beautiful setting. This Preserve is in a unique microenvironment that has caused a habitat for many biological species, both plant and animal. A perfect little island of temperature, exposure, and moisture has created a truly special place, Trails are mostly easy with some moderate sections. Plenty of easy trails for kids or elderly. Elevation around a mile high, so lowlanders with notice that it's harder to breathe. Well maintained and adjacent to apple orchards and country store. Enjoy!!!!

Super easy trail. Good for family and kids or just waking the dogs.

1 month ago

beautiful, kid friendly

1 month ago

Very nice hike this morning. Stay to the right on the first trail marker then take the left branch at the second marker. It's steep from there to the top and the trail is less traveled than the longer loop to he right. There is a very narrow gully on the other side but easier than it looks, looking down at it. Then it's an easy walk back down to the trail head. We used the gps to stay on the trail.

First time and with kids. Great kid friendly trails. Stuck to the top, easy hummingbird, sequoia and duck pond trails. Leisurely hiked, took info and photo stops which took approximately an hour.

Beautiful trail, bring your camera and be ready to say cheese!

nice easy trail with some good views. not much shade and stays near residential areas.

Easily accessible trail. Perfect for a quick hike. Dog friendly.

great hike. had a nice lunch after.

2 months ago

Did it at night, the hill to the end was really big and following the red trail was a little hard in the dark. Great views of the lights though.

One of my favorite trails.

Really nice place, lots of trees, birds, and even saw a bobcat very close. May have seen a cougar but disappeared before I could confirm. Seemed larger than a bobcat.

Fairly dusty this time of year, so be prepared for that and wear appropriate shoes.