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Nice trail . Hot during the summer carry some water with you. I normally parked outside on the street. Warm up run/walk the hill go over the top to mulholland drive .

3 months ago

The fact that I live in Topanga Canyon and have never been here bothers me, especially after getting the chance to meander through the park for the first time today. While I can only imagine how gorgeous these hills must be in the springtime, the dry late-summer hues are awfully intriguing in their own right, especially when the weather didn't jump above 80 and a cool breeze accompanied me as I snaked my way through the canyons. I feel like I just found a gold mine, and you better believe I'll be back again soon. Several several times.

It was a terrific trail...definitely challenging, but very doable. Felt really energized once the trail ended...wanted to do it again. Will be there tomorrow!

5 months ago

Easy loop trail. It's breathtaking! You can have your pets, too. Good for beginners to start of.

easy quick hike...

Breathtaking when it's green in the spring; oak trees, rolling green hills, wildflowers. Reminded me of "Little House on the Prairie." Many meandering alternate trails to choose from. Only reason not five stars is because there's not a lot of shade and it's probably pretty hot and brown by late summer.

on Laskey Mesa Trail

8 months ago

It was a great trail except for the monstrous swarm of thousands of bees we encountered on the way down. We had to take an alternate way down and ended up far from the beginning but it was still a good hike. Good for beginner to medium hikers.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Great ride! You can't tell you're in the middle of the valley!

mountain biking
9 months ago


10 months ago

Get out and hike the trails off the Victory Trailhead. The rains have made it green and beautiful. I would suggest however that you don't hike the area for a couple days after the rain. The trails get very muddy. I hiked on a Tuesday after a significant rain on Saturday and the muddy spots could be avoided. The trails showed evidence that hikers had encountered much worse conditions between Saturday and Tuesday.

on Laskey Mesa Trail

1 year ago

great for mountain biking

Another trail that is better after some rains. Dry and not a lot of shade.

If you're new to hiking and want a trail for your first elevation gain - don't start with this trail. It's a good trail and everything but it'll kick your !#$*@ if you're not in really good shape. You might decide hiking isn't for you. The climb starts with 1/4 mile of 16% grade. That's significant. It's not a long way to Mulholland but the average uphill grade is around 13%. That's a bit taxing. Going out I was concerned that I'd be exhausted coming back. Coming back turned out to be a rather easy stroll. The views aren't outstanding but it's a good work out in the out of doors.

Beautiful open space, hot in sun with no shade, best for cooler days or early morn.