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3 months ago

It was a very exhilarating hike to do, I will definitely have to do it again.

It's a good trail and I hike it every morning with my dog.

Really liked it. It was easy to hike and find the directions.

Okay, so this trail combination is quite a mixed bag. The beginning is on broad, heavily used trails up to the Danielson's Monument. From there, you pick up the single track Tri-Peaks trail (unmarked) which is hidden behind the burned down ranch house to the left.

This trail is a refreshing change from the area burned out in the May 2013 fire. Lots of shade, through heavy brush and oak groves at lower elevations. It is washed out in places but easily hiked. I would call it moderate difficulty because of the elevation gain and washed out trail. As you ascend, shade becomes more scarce but you remain outside the fire zone. After a couple false summits and beautiful overlooks you arrive at the summit of Boney, where you can scale the boulders and enjoy a 360-degree view of the Conejo Valley, Oxnard Plain, the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific.

Most people turn back and return on the same trail. This guide depicts a loop back to the Old Boney Trail, which looked more interesting. WARNING: this trail is traveled lightly, and is not marked. When you cross rock faces, take care to find the real trail down--it is often obscured and there are a lot of false trails to overlooks. This portion of the trail offers some spectacular views BUT is extremely steep in places, with very poor footing in loose stones and soil. I would rate this section DIFFICULT. Very slow going with a very real risk of falling.

Once you rejoin Old Boney Trail the recommended loop turns left to the Fossil Trail with ascends a portion of Sycamore Canyon before rejoining the trail you started out on. Trail guide says this is a ten mile hike. I suspect it's a bit more. We decided to cut out that loop and turned right on Old Boney, hiking straight back towards Danielson's Monument before hiking back where we started. That turned out to be a 9-mile hike, which took over 5-hours with rest breaks.

Like most hikes in this area, starting early is a big plus, as afternoon heat can be taxing.

Enjoy! Be safe!

on Los Robles Trail

4 months ago

good challenge

Fun, both enjoyable and a little intense .

5 months ago

Easy, great views!

I liked this trail so much ! It was the perfect hike for a beginner, the views were amazing, it was kind of funny at the end it ends in a housing tract! And we had to walk up a few city streets to get back to our car. My favorite hike so far !!

Good trail. Only disappointment was that the loop did not end at start point. You actually exit from Los Padres trail onto Moorpark Road by Canejo Players Theater. Easy 3.3 mile hike. Highly recommend the Vista Point Loop to the benches for the great view of Thousand Oaks.

The Tri peaks part of this is VERY TOUGH steep climbs in Ruts, going down requires hands as it is Steep and in ravines grabbing hold of Branches, roots and rocks. Make sure you have Ap or Maps and GPS as its east to lose trail here.... its hard but WELL worth it. see pics in Danielson Monument trail

Good hill work. Loved the views

11 months ago

The trail from the north end of Triunfo Park provides an excellent hike. If you stay on the more traveled Triunfo Canyon Trail to Conejo Crest Trail, it's a reasonable grade for the entire climb to a peak with a bench and wonderful 360 degree view. It's an easy hike for the quality of the view. Trail is rocky with loose rocks in a number of places so watch your footing. Lots of bikes but they were all courteous and riding with appropriate constraint.

Great area to hike. Hiked from Oak Creek Canyon to the bench on Vista Loop. Great view from the bench. Long shady stretches help the climb. There's an oak woodland at the furthest west trail head on Greenmeadow. It's the trail head with marked parking spaces. Great place for a picnic after a hike. Not many hikers on the trail and it was a really good day for hiking. A serious problem is bicyclists going way too fast for conditions. There are blind curves and they come around the curves way too fast and out of control. Still rate this a 5 but I would be wary of taking small children on the climbing portions of the trail because of the bikes. There is a closed section of trail marked as accessible on AllTrails between the Los Robles and Vista Loop trails. It's a very steep section and its being seriously eroded.

Moderate hiking trail with a nice view at the very top.

The only bad part of this hike is no shade trees :-/

on Pentachaeta Loop

1 year ago

Cute, basic walk on a fire road. Nice for some basic exercise.