trail locations for Watsonville, California

Beautiful, did this trail Friday of the labor day weekend, beauty is definitely more than skin deep. from the approach to the park, the redwoods provoking excitement, the majestic redwoods the smell the look the taste, the strength in the quite of the forest, beautiful

1 month ago

Great little hike. Thanks to Jeff, former forest kepper, in his honor suprises are left on trail. I got to enjoy little surprises on the way up and down the mountain too.

2 months ago

Great trail!

Your GPS will want you to cross a bridge to a gated yard, but keep going and look for address 806, which is a flower and packaging shop on the left about 5 minutes farther. You'll then follow signs for 809.

There is a portapotty at the parking lot.

The trail is great with a lot of side trails. I had a dog with me and she enjoyed climbing up and down the hills. I recommend checking out the vistas and White Redwood Trail while on this loop.

There are some very steep trails here!!

5 months ago

Enjoyable, easy, paved trail with views of the water and hills. Had a faint musty odor due to the stagnant nature of a slough. Overall, relaxing & fun.

5 months ago

I followed the trail as it's presented on this site. A great view of Monterey Bay from the top but be advised that parts of the Byrne and ridge top trails are pretty steep. About 830' total elevation gain but it comes in short stretches. Most of the trails are fireroad wide. A few nice surprises along the way. Lots of doggies; people are encouraged to bring them to this park. The 1 mile road coming in is indeed a one laner but you are unlikely to have a problem. There are a few bumps and heaves but my Civic had no problem. Also, watch for ticks; the Byrne trail near the Milliron trail has a lot of overgrown grasses and I met a hiker who picked up a tick.

This is a lovely easy walk that we've now done twice on Winter solstice. Come in the last hour of the day for a special golden light that makes for amazing photos. Plenty of birds and a nice visitor center to warm up in with knowledgeable docents. Plenty of parking as well.

If you are with kids or grandparents, walk out to the boardwalk and bridge, explore the ruins of the Big Barn. If you'd like a longer stroll, do the whole loop. About 2 miles for the loop.