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Great trail for views and people watching. Really enjoy watching the surfers. Got hit by a wave while walking on trail yesterday morn, got completely drenched, but enjoyed every minute of it,
hand full of people on the trail got a good laugh out of it as well

Took my 6 year old grandchild on this trail today, we got a decent leg work out. Sad to see how brown everything is along the trail. I've just moved here from Utah and am realizing the extent of the drought here. Still a lovely state to live in. Look forward to exploring more trails in this area.

road biking
9 days ago

This is an excellent ride with well-maintained trails, few vehicle crossings to worry about and a gentle grade leading up to Ojai. I wish I had found this sooner.

Amazing open views of the beautiful hills.

the trail that All Trails shows is "illegal" and you'll be fined if you get caught on it! but if you're rebellious like me and don't care what the trespassing signs say and just want to enjoy the beautiful view that the dumb landowners don't want you to enjoy, go for it! I did and it was completely worth it. the tree on top is graffitied, but for a dead tree it's pretty cool in an artsy way. Also, the tree has a swing on it, you could sit there and swing for hours.

Trail was a nice blend of up and down. Went a second day for a short hike and - Rattlesnake on the trail and he was huge! Snake didn't fit in well with this family oriented park. I won't go back.

Yeah, there's no trail here. Even the folks who work there say there's no trail here. There's also very little water and lots of goatheads. There's a million less than there was because my dog brought them all home! But have fun!

mountain biking
1 month ago

My wife and I highly recommend this trail for easy bicycling. Views are great once you are past the industrial area. Easy grade going up to Ojai and the entire path is paved. We loved that the trail is close to the ocean in Ventura with some great ocean breezes. The trail also referred to as the Ventura River Trail.

Kinda short but worth the veiw!

1 month ago

Made me sore- which is good! Bring your dogs with you too!!

It's a cool trail, the version ALLTRAILS shows you used to be open. The landowners decided not to allow this after some locals had a bonfire and left all their garbage (including the burned wood). HOWEVER, 2 trees is accessible via arroyo verde park, it's much longer but doable. You will be fined if you attempt the normal two trees trail, in daylight. Any questions email me at jpruiz113@gmail.com
Local avid hiker.

Great trail!

2 months ago

Fantastic views of stunning cliffs and the great open Pacific Ocean and vast landscapes. Gorgeous at sunset.

Had an amazing time on this trail. Beautiful views and wide open trails.

I am a beginner, it was work. But will do it again. Can't give up! This will Get me in shape!

3 months ago

At first it seemed like a simple trail. As I continued, I discovered that there were spots where it was steep climbing and your stamina was definitely tested. Overall, I enjoyed the hike and would do it again.