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trail locations for South Lake Tahoe, California
1 day ago

Nice trail and our 2 and 3 yo could walk everything on their own.
Strollers could be possible, but then they have to be stable ones with big wheels.

Nice I close to SLT hike. More of a walk. Be sure to hit one of the rock outcroppings you get to first for good views. Otherwise more of a forest walk. burn and first Mgt. Make sure you make it to the stream 3/4 way in!

I've done this hike several times. Always a great time! Hiked it in the heat of summer, during a downpour and a beautiful spring day. Never disappoints. http://hustzkergies.blogspot.com/2016/08/Echo-Lake-to-Aloha.html

Great hike. Picked a perfect day, nice and sunny, but not too hot. Start early or it really heats up when you get above the tree line. We hiked with 3 liters of water and had it been hotter, we would have needed every drop. Chose to have lunch before the peak as the chipmunks and yellow jackets wanted to share it with us. It was a good call. Beautiful views from the top and the trail was very easy to follow. Only complaint would be the amount of people that were out there. Would be a great decision to hike on a weekday. The weekend is very busy. Great hike!

My favorite hike in Tahoe!!! Views were spectacular. Next time I will pack a picnic lunch and walk down to the beach/water. There were some steep climbs in a few stretches but nothing too challenging. Highly recommend!!!

Easy hike along the lake. Pretty busy trail (we saw a ton of people) but nice lake views the entire time.

4 days ago

Amazing views on this hike. Beautiful!

4 days ago

Moderate hike was well rewarded by the beautiful views at Eagle Lake. Due to the road construction there were far fewer hikers than we were expecting.

5 days ago

Went on a backpacking and fishing trip here in August. If camping and you are able, do yourself a favor and try to go midweek, it gets packed on the weekends and suddenly Desolation Wilderness isn't so desolate.

A few tips: you'll want to wear sturdy hiking boots as the landscape is almost entirely granite shards of every conceivable shape and size. It's not hard to imagine turning an ankle. Bring rope to tie up your food well out of the way of marmots and bears. No fires permitted (for now) so a backpacking stove or a middle finger to the rules is a must (we used a stove). For anglers, black and yellow panther Martin was gettin em all day but very consistently at sundown. Some really beautiful brook trout in all the creeks and lakes here.

Would love to come back and explore the numerous other lakes out here. Great rock jumps into water too!

My Fitbit tracked this as an 11 mile hike in and out (11.3 if you count the walk back to the car), and it was quite the trek up to the top! However, the view from the top made the up hill climb well worth it! Bring plenty of water, you'll definitely need it.

Hiked the trails last weekend. My Watch showed 5.1 miles one way. Probably the most beautiful and toughest hikes I have ever done but the view from the top is worth every step. The trail from cathedral lake to the summit made me feel like quitting so many times but the views kept me going (and am glad for it). Take at least 2L of water, between my wife I and if we used up around 5L. We packed a sandwich for the summit and carried trail mix for the road. Other than yellow jackets you may also find squirrels at the top trying to be friendly with you for food.

great views along the trail! only downside was too many people!

6 days ago

Great hikes with spectacular lake views on top.

7 days ago

beautiful views from the summit, the hike was challenging but only to where the trail meets the TRT... if you've thought about hiking a steep sandy trail, look no further

7 days ago

Great, varied trail! The lake was all dried up :( Beautiful views of many lakes though. Quiet.

Great trail. It was tough but worth it especially when you're at the top and can see all the lakes.

Great trail!