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Great hike and very physically demanding specially if you carry more than 15 lbs. the waterfall is currently dried up due to the severe drought. Be very careful, I had a scary encounter with a black bear and her cub. The black bear stalked me and I thought she was surely going to charge. I was by myself so I made a lot of noise and eventually I had to climb up to once of the cement dams that was nearby. The black bear lost interest after that but it was definitely scary. Overall great hike thought!

Nice 5 mile hike. Great non-city views. Most of the trail was in the forest with a single file dirt trail. We went on a Sunday afternoon and it wasn't overcrowded as I was expecting.

This hike is pretty moderate and long but worth the distance. You'll see a waterfall during spring. A lot of shade and very green.

awesome hike did it 2 weeks ago, your hiking 80 percent of the trail thru the forest. The hike was tough though, bring plenty of water.

Great hike! Make sure you have plenty of water the the trip back. You can't refill your water at the top anymore because of the drought.

Just completed this trail less than two hours ago. It was okay for me. Since I've been walking in the woods for most of the time, there wasn't much of a view for me. I'd prefer routes where I can see the sky and mountains and everything beneath them. If you prefer to stay away from the sun, go for this trail.

One of the best hikes around. Beautiful scenery, very relaxing and destination is great

Would not recommend if you don't start before 8am; little to no shade, dry winds. View is amazing, definite booty blaster

Did the loop yesterday. It is not 7.8 miles! It's at least twice as long. I prepared for a 7.8 mile hike and not for a 22 mile hike. I was dying out there. But made it out to write this review. The trail is gorgeous and quiet. Only complain is this app's lack of accuracy. Oh and saw a bear!!

Great. Lots of shade.

17 days ago

19 days ago

Did the loop yesterday (which was a Saturday). Parking lot was full by 7 when i got there, and i was lucky enough to snag a spot on the road that wasnt a no parking zone. I did th loop counterclockwise which i would recommend for anyone trying to avoid the crowds, and i still passed about 25 people before getting to Hoegee campground. while setting up 2 bears came strolling theough the campground. mom and a cub, combined they didnt weigh over 130lbs. there was one other guy at the campground and we made some noise and they took off. then finished the loop, and moved my car into the parking lot. on the way there 4 other groups said they saw the bears cruisin around. hiked past 3 different groups blasting music which i suppose was good for avoiding bears but not everyone wants to listen to fetty wap when theyre hiking. stayed at Hoegee overnight and the bears came back to say hello some time in the night. we all had our food hung and scared them off with little effort. not something i was too worried about but between the bears and the yelling of other groups, didnt get great sleep. great hike, killer views, but definitely dont go on a weekend if youre looking for quiet.

19 days ago

Challenging in a hot day:)

20 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in the LA area.


Beautiful. Only thing is that you have to pay for a parking pass even if you're not parked in the parking lot. So if you're on the side of the road, be careful!

Nice trail especially at spring time, when there are a lot of spring flowers in bloom. The hardest part of the trail is after George's cabin, when the switch backs get shorter and steeper.

My son, dog and I really enjoyed this hike, even on a very hot day (97 degrees!!) there was lots of shade and it was fun. Sadly the drought has dried up most of the water fall, but if your looking for a great hike, moderately strenuous... this is a good one! Note: Buy a parking pass, $5 + $2 service fee on a CC.