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trail locations for Sierra Madre, California

This is a great hike. Took my pups and couple friends with me. By the end of the day we were pooped, my pups just collapsed and fell asleep in the car right after, we all just wanted to go home and shower haha! The hike back is the worst, especially towards the end. But it is an awesome hike


9 days ago

First off started to late got their at 9:30 am. had to park down the hill hike up to get a pass place it on dashboard then hike up to trail hike.the hike itself was great very quiet and scenic.I recommend going during the week or on weekends get their at 7:00 am.

What we thought would be 4 miles turned into a 11 mile hike because of a wrong turn. The waterfall was dry. But the work out and views were good .
You need a parking pass we got lucky that we got away with not having one today.

Make sure you catch the cutoff or it turns into an 8+ mile hike. The conditions right now are extremely dry.

Favorite trail.
Drive up the mountain is beautiful. Seriously get your adventure pass before you park up. You are not going to find parking in the lot unless you are a miracle worker.

I don't mind the walk from the car though. In total I did about 8 miles full trip. Walk from the car down the main paved hill. Got to a landing and some guy suggested a switchback to Hermit Falls. Took that and it was beautiful. Went all the way back to the falls. Seemed mostly like grafittied boulders but still pretty cool. Went back towards Camp Sturtevant and walked to the waterfall. It was barely trickling but I'm gonna check it out in the fall when it should be better.
Favorite mountain hike for this Cali-Girl day hiker! Will definitely be going back.

Don't do this trail on a hot day.

Forrest canopy almost the whole way. Very challenging on some spots where you really feel the burn in your legs. Met a small bear and her cub. This is now my favorite trail.

It was great but I wished I could see something through the dense fog lots of great wild flowers during the spring!!!

I really did not like this hike. Primarily because of the bugs. That could change depending on the season but when we went they were terrible. The peak is not exciting but still...when you finish the hike you feel accomplished.

Previous comments about restrooms and parking are accurate! On a Labor Day weekend Saturday we had to park nearly a mile downhill from Chantry Flats. And beware, you need a parking permit anywhere on that highway. $100 fine. Otherwise a beautiful hike in a shady canyon. That half mile you walk down from Chantry is a killer on the way back out.

24 days ago

So pretty and your able to jump in the falls it's about 5 feet deep

Beautiful shaded hike all the way up very challenging for me.

We made it to the top. The hike is more like 14 or 15 miles. It is definitely brutal on the legs, but very beautiful at the top. It was a good hike for once in a lifetime.