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3 days ago


I enjoyed the fresh air & the sound of the stream so relaxing

Very hard up to Wilson. Scenic and canopied after First Water. Watch for the bear family around Orchard Camp.

12 days ago

One of the easiest trails Iv'e been on. Wildlife is definitely here. I almost always manage to spot a snake or two, and plenty of lizards. Weekends and holidays are always packed with hikers.

trail running
12 days ago

Wildlife is definitely here. I almost always manage to spot a snake or two, and plenty of lizards. Weekends and holidays are always packed with hikers. Pretty easy hike.

Nice trail, Well Marked, Good Shape, CLEAN lots of Fun. JUST CROWDED, Trail runners, Hikers, Bikers, Casual Hikers to Die hard hikers. The Higher up you go it thins out a Little, The 1st 1.5 miles is Okay at best, definitely a workout, The second 1.5 is VERY nice, shady, water, wildlife, at that point you are half way to Mt Wilson, Next time I will go all the way! I can only imagine how much nicer it gets. This trail is a GREAT work out and people uses it as a Gym, its Close to home so its Okay. All is Good with the trail just gave it a three due to the Human activity

Very beautiful place.

There is still a small amount of water available in the stream for those looking to filter water.

Beware there is a lot of black bear activity. We stayed the night and had to deal with a mamma & cub all night long. Recommend you bring bear mace if you plan to stay.

over 5000 feet climbing with 14 mile around trip! I am proud of myself. Nice weather, friendly even road, good view! However, we saw an adult bear...

I'm sure most hikers here know about the "SoCal six-pack". Well basically, I've hiked most of the 6 but never did Mt Wilson (the easiest), so this Saturday I did that. It's about 14 miles round trip, we finished in about 7 hours with some breaks. Super fun, more beautiful than I expected to be honest. For some reason I though it would be pretty easy and but drab. In fact it's actually fairly tough and the views are fantastic. I made a short video of some of the views: https://youtu.be/ZPblDbuZmOM

I was amazed at the abundant shade. Would recommend doing the loop counter-clockwise, as this puts the longer part of the hike before the summit. Consider adding the Mt. Zion summit for an even greater challenge.

A little more populated than I'd like but there's a very nice stretch along a creek once you're down in the valley.

Nice switchbacks! In and out to the campground on the upper trail.

These directions are wrong. They take you to the observatory. Looks like maybe you can start that way but the gates don't open til 10 so when we got up there at 7am we had to drive back down the mountain and follow the directions on the other one listed.

1 month ago

Great hike!!!!