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This is a hidden gem in the park. Very nice trail, moderate difficulty.
The visitor center actually has map for this trail, and you can actually download from NPS website.
2.5 hours is enough for out and back.

The trail it self, beautiful. The view at the end on the ridge is breathtaking. You can see the winding canyon you just climbed in colors, and you have view towards artist's drive, further down is the death valley salt flats.

20 days ago

fab views!!

quick hike uphill and into the canyon gets you to natural bridge. You can climb up to the top of the arch, but be careful, the footing is sketchy

2 months ago

on Dante's View Trail

2 months ago

Amazing views. Easy walk.

3 months ago

Easy 2 minute walk up. Beautiful view!

Nice place if you like desert badlands. Danged hot in the summer

EASY walk up a paved path to a overlook, of the very cool Badlands Must do in DVNP!

Amazing views! Don't really need to hike much, it's all there at the parking lot

There is no shade, but the surreal landscape of the canyon more than makes up for it. Even, fairly gentle climb.

Went here with my mom after we hiked out of the Grand Canyon! Easy walk up a hill to see some amazing views! Very hot-it was 125 degrees when we were here!

great view, and awesome pits

Great views green on the right & salt flats to your left as you continue on the trail past the peak. But the group of 7 I was with really want to question who labelled this as easy, because the way back from continuing on the 3.5 mile one-way kicked our butts with all the uphill climb at that elevation. Yes there is a trail & no scrambling, but we hike often & longer distances but that was not "easy". My legs & butt felt it the next day and that has not happened to me in a LONG time. My lungs were feeling it while on the uphill too.

I like this hike a lot. Golden Canyon is quite colorful and the short side trail to Red Cathedral is well worth the scramble up the dry falls and climb up onto slopes for the views of the valley from a higher vantage point. The trail is well marked. Following a meandering canyon, Gower Gulch portion has more subtle beauty with more texture and pattern on the canyon sides, less bold color. I hiked on a cloudy April day with a start temperature of about 70F at 9AM. I took my time taking many photos and completed the loop just before 1PM. Temperature was about 78F. Very nice hike, would do again.

We did this as part of the Gower Gulch hike and it made for a nice excursion. Very steep in one area but otherwise quite doable. Hike it at sunset or sunrise for an even better experience; this will also avoid the heat and a lot of hikers.

Amazing trail! We hiked it at sunset which really brought out the red and purple colors of the surrounding barren rock formations. Very otherworldly and maze-like. There are plenty of tempting side trails/washes that are hard to say no to. The trail basically follows the main wash which later turns into a steep canyon with sheer cliffs on either side of you. Fairly flat with a particular steep section as you climb out of the wash. Trail signs can be elusive.

7 months ago

Most excellent views as far as the eye can see. There are trails to hike that one could continue both downhill and uphill from the parking lot. I went downhill (south) for a mile, then returned to start. While not difficult, it Made me realize my sea level lungs need more conditioning for mile high altitude. Day was overcast and temperature about 55F.

A neat, not too difficult hike through desolate badlands and canyons. Stunning rock walls with unusual colors and lots of different landforms can be seen here. Recommended! …But be careful about staying on the right trail. A map will help - a lot of people, including me, kept turning around to find the route.

best in Death Valley

8 months ago