trail locations for Running Springs, California

This is a great trail with beautiful views! Disclaimer: the trail starting from Exploration Trail to Keller Peak is actually about 12 miles and 2000 elevation gain. This was my 2nd attempt doing this hike, as the first time I didn't have enough water and only prepared for the length that All Trails stated. This time I was more prepared and totally worth the extra miles and elevation to get to the peak:)

All around gorgeous, even in summer it's pretty cool up there lots of shade beautiful views/scenery! Don't miss out on the ranger post it was a little scary (steep stairs) and it got super Windy while we were up there but it was so nice the kids loved it!

1 month ago

This is a great trail with some shade and a decent uphill climb. The trail is about 4.3 miles to a parking lot and if you want to continue to Keller Peak it's another 1.5 miles. Round trip about 12 miles. Not a difficult hike and the views are amazing, especially at Keller Peak. I completed the trip up and back in 4 hours and 20 minutes.

I definitely wouldn't use the words "a lot" to describe the quantity of shade on this trail. It was HOT. Gnats were out like crazy, and there weren't any even remotely impressive views. Good exercise but we probably won't be doing this one again.

2 months ago

Don't forget bug spray!!!

3 months ago

A really beautiful, shady trail that climbs the western flank of Keller Peak through a black oak forest community. The grade is pretty mild on most of the trail and the views that open up at the upper elevations are fantastic.

Great trail ! Lots of shade and great changing landscape.

Writing this review about 6 months after I was there. Pretty easy trail, but I stopped about a mile or two short of the peak. Next time I'll go all the way. Lots of bugs in early summer. Some people, but not crowded.

Beautiful trail. Only did 3 miles in and out. Lovely in the fall!

11 months ago

We attempted to find this trail to unavail. No maker anywhere and we walked up and down the area twice. You really should remove this trail from your database or at least indicate that it is inactive, it is confusing and we wasted some of our morning looking for it.

scenic driving
1 year ago

A great drive up site with stunning views from the tower.

hard to find trailhead, the trail is not maintained, overgrown, fallen trees blocking path in several areas, barely a trail left. wouldn't recommend!

Absolutely gorgeous views. Went all the way to the peak and back. Biggest pine cones I've ever seen in my life, trees that grow in the upper elevations and are gorgeous. About 3.5 hours there and 2 back.

2 years ago

Great hike! About 10 miles be sure to bring a jacket it was windy towards the top

I hiked this trail about 6 years ago and thankfully it hasn't changed much - good views and scenery - wish the last 1.5 miles up to Keller Peak wasn't on pavement but its a good moderate hike and the views from the ranger post are really great.