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trail locations for Rancho Cucamonga, California

I've never hike before so this was great for me.

Nice trail and easy to handle. Wish there was more water in the creek but worth a hike. Got some nice drone footage and some photos. See photos in my profile. Also look up Wackoe films for highlight video of trail.

We had a nice morning hike 45 minutes up 30 minutes back. It is only 1.7 miles to the falls. I am not sure what is up past the falls.
Be careful leaning against trees near the falls. There were lots of spiders. They look like daddy long legs so probably not dangerous but it would definitely freak you out to bump a nest of 50.

The waterfall is more of a trickle. The graffiti is a HUGE disappointment and most people on the trail hiked to smoke weed, drink beer and eat food. The mountains are always a beautiful sight but the graffiti and the trash completely take away from the beauty of nature. If you are a Raiders fan this hike is perfect for you.

7 days ago

Differently worth the rocky hike. Took my 3 year old "above average for a 3 year old" loved it. Besides the tagging it's a lot of fun. DIRECTIONS- go up the main road 1st hiking sign you see. Park car in front of the trash cans. Cross the little stream to the rocking trail. Follow the trail on the left side. You will hit a sign that is full of tagging. Keep going and you'll see it. Keep falling the stream.

Fun trail. Was pretty cool you could climb up the side of the waterfall. Sucks it's closed.

love to do this as a quick trail. the loop feels easier than the waterfall.

Went here when I was a few months pregnant . I thought it was very easy. Foreground views and the water fall is smaller than I thought but still very beautiful the wildlife and waterfall are worth it

Nice short hike. Beautiful stream and water falls on the top. I did this trail a few times with my honey and my family. Everyone enjoyed this hike. I will definitely do it again.

13 days ago

It's a short hike, but lot's of elevation which makes it a little challenging.

Went today 9/9/16.

Not really much of a defined trail, rocks everywhere. Make sure to bring watertight shoes cause you'll have to cross a nice little stream. Careful with the broken glass bottles, people suck. There's some trash along the way, plastic bags full of em left in trees. If you make it to the top the waterfall is great! Water is cold. Make sure you're going in the right direction, me and my dog overshot it quite a bit and had to head back through rocky terrain. Stop by the ampm/arco right above the 15 freeway to pickup the day adventure pass for $5 so you can park.

Update: Went again today (9/16/2016) and saw quite a few mountain goats!

14 days ago

Easy little hike. Should take about an hour total. Not very well marked so just keep walking straight back, or follow the graffiti.

I love these falls. My first time here was in 2013 and I just can't stop coming back. It's a bit hard to find the trail at first, I recommend coming with someone who has already done the hike to kind of guide you. My most recent trip was 9/03/2016 and the water was falling and freezing. My goal on my next visit is to find the upper falls.

It was a bit confusing as to where the trail begins. No signs are posted. We parked near the creek (i think its the parking space after the Ranch) crossed it and started walking in all sorts of directions in a desert of rocks for about 30 minutes. We finally reached a small entrance that led us up to the waterfall. The path is not defined but just follow the water ways up. Once up there it's a beautiful sight. Remember to stop at the Ranger Station or AMPM for your daily parking pass of $5.