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trail locations for Pismo Beach, California
18 days ago

Looks like the trail is closed. No trespassing signs everywhere.

Beautiful beach. Cave had quite a lot of litter but hike was very pleasant.

We added this trail to another one that starts from Avila Springs hotel (parked there), then came back by Bluff Trail. with all its nice villas. We also descended the hill to Pirates Cove and that was the worst part, stones rollings everywhere I thought I was going to strain an ankle! Very nice views from the crest!

Nice vistas of the ocean and the pier. Eroding in some sections and a steep decent down to Pirates Cove

A family favorite. We love walking the boardwalk to and from Pismo.

3 months ago

Beautiful but short. Only complaint is that there was so much trash and the cave smelled like urine

Trash on trail and graffiti on and in the cave. Was beautiful at one point before the trash and graffiti.

perfect family hike.

A favorite short hike. Lovely views, nice breezes, that great cave. Along with others, I am bothered by the amount of trash I see here. I suggest that every time we hike here we pick up just one thing, and that we suggest this to other hikers. That way the angels who do major cleanups won't have to be alone with it.

Small hike. Great place to get some quite and enjoy the view of the pacific. Down at the bottom there's a nudist beach. Perfect spot for a full body tan

its a beautiful trail to walk...didnt see a single butterfly though :( however we did see a couple hummingbirds. very peaceful and relaxing little walk.

Beautiful hike, cave was amazing, nudist beach. Wish people would pick up their trash.

great moderate hike. has some steep parts that can kick an out of shape butt like mine but the views are unmatched. nice little swing to soak it all in at the top of the mountain overlooking the water too. going down the back way by pirates cove is like going down a free fall because its almost straight down but overall a good hike.