trail locations for Paradise, California

Agreed. Took me to a lady's porch, she was very sweet said she lived there 16 years and had no idea about a trail.

Took me to a deadend road 2 miles from trail ...the other review said start at hospital but?? Where at the hospital?

start from the hospital and walk to the dam.

Drove out from Sacramento to bike on this trail to find it gated and fenced off with private property, no trespassing signs. Gates looked pretty well secured and signs said that the area is patrolled, so we left for the Paradise Lake trail instead. I would recommend going to that one instead!

mountain biking
2 years ago

U can only find the trail ny going through someones back yard. the trail continues going through peoples yards which have "no trespassing" signs on them. do not waste yoir time on

3 years ago

Nice short trail where you can walk beneath peaceful forest canopies and take in pleasant canyon vistas. The catwalk portions are not good for people with equilibrium issues.