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trail locations for Palm Desert, California
1 day ago

I loved this trail. Just right for my fitness level. I am 57 and in pretty good shape. There were people running on the trail but I'm pretty sure they were younger than me. It was mostly uphill on the way up (about 1 mile where I started). A good workout. I would definitely do this trail again.

12 days ago

L❤️️ve this trail❣️

Depending on which way you choose to go up to make it to the top, it varies in different levels of difficulty.. but once you get to the top and have a clear view of the valley it's pretty awesome.

Dog are not prohibited! This website needs updated their "dog friendly" comment. Overly crowded and much better less frequently used trails near by

19 days ago

I do like this trail but had a bad fall on my last outing. Broken wrist,(needs surgery),stitches on my leg and chin ( OK, maybe I'm clumsy), but if you do happen to fall down on a steep rocky part, it can be bad!
No dogs allowed on this trail.

Hot, dusty .... fun!

My favorite hiking trail!

on The Cross Trail

27 days ago

Beautiful views but a little disappointed I expected it to be 3 miles like it says here but I clocked 2.36 with my Fitbit and I feel it's more easy than it is moderate. It's perfect if you want a quick, easy hike with great views but not if your looking to sweat and be a bit more challenged.

nice trail right behind target off of painters path. signs posted to lock car to avoid theft. i didnt have any issues. there are a few trails there to choose from. when you do the bump and grind you can continue around as it does loop back to the same spot. i was not sure and went down the same way i went up and its a bit rough downhill the other aide is more of a gradual decline. enjoy. i did.

1 month ago

Don't like that you have to worry about your car being broken into . But other then that the trail is enjoyable

Perhaps desert hiking is not my favorite hiking... But this was a well marked trail, heavy sand in the wash area, the ridge route was nice. Couldn't get a view of the valley, as the prohibited area protecting the Big Horn sheep prevented us from peeking over the ridge. I was a bit disappointed.

on Bump and Grind Trail

2 months ago

2 months ago

This is one of the locals' favorite. is crowded, it has nice panoramic views and gives you a good workout.
There isn't so much to see though, just rocks :)
Do it in clockwise direction