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trail locations for Oakland, California

Not too hard, not too easy. Mostly shaded, went during the week and it was pretty empty but I'd expect it to be more traveled during the weekend.

It was a little confusing the first time around and I took a couple wrong turns, so bring a map. Great little hike tho

I did this trail, and a few others in the network, this morning. I gave it 5 stars because it's a super awesome network of trails I definitely did not expect based on its location. It's a multi use area so expect to see mountain bikes and possibly horses as well. I came across almost every kind of terrain for all skill levels with amazing views to boot! I highly suggest it if you're in the area

I love this park, the redwoods are really beautiful and covered most of the sun while I was there so there was a really cool breeze throughout the whole hike

Nice hike that doesn't get a lot of use. Situated near horse boarding facilities so it probably gets as much horse and bike activity as hikers. Good connector between Redwood and Chabot. I've made it a day hike starting in upper Redwood and going to the bottom of Chabot.

Good trail in a great area with so many options close by to explore. I've done it many times. Even better when i take my dog.

12 days ago

Good city walk. Use to work close by with time on my hands so i did it more than a few times. Not as good in the middle of the summer when the lake can have a bit of a smell to it.

Decent hike with the park and area in disrepair. It used to be a great hike and park. Cleared it from my list and did it once. There are much better hikes close by...

17 days ago

Really nice trail. Very kid-friendly. The slope is generally nice and easy and there's lots of shade.

One thing to note: this trail does not require dogs to be on-leash. 50' in to the trailhead if you're starting from the apartment complex end, there's a sign that clear says it's a dogs-off-leash trail and then it has some rules about dogs needing to reply to voice commands.

Not a huge deal, but wanted to put that out there.

22 days ago

Nice urban pleasant walk. It's scenic and there are lots of great restaurants and pit stops for kids.

25 days ago

Easy trail for young kids, beautiful forrest views, bring layers since you're mostly in the shade. dog friendly.

mountain biking
25 days ago

Awesome place to hike and Mtb.

1st time on this loop. besides a few bicycles for excitement, very calm late afternoon trail for the beginning of the Labor Day Weekend.

Loved this. We walked through several scenic views and quite a bit of shaded areas.

This trail is in a redwood forest. It was mostly shaded and cool even in the middle of August. Some part of the trail was steep but general was easy. We started at the Redwood Bowl Staging area parking lot. We followed the West Ridge Trail, Redwood Peak Trail, then the Stream Trail. We then climbed up to the Mill Trail, French Trail, the Madrone Trail and finally back to the West Ridge Trail for a total distance of 6 miles and 1106 ft elevation.