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Nice short walk. The start of the trail can only be reached via windy and scenic Redwood Road, which can be fun depending on what you're into. This trail offers a nice mixture of scenery. The grass valley portion goes through a more open area as the name suggests and then Brandon trail goes through a scenic tree line. So you will be out in the sun for half the time and in the shade for the other half. I passed one bicyclist and three other hikers so there is some light traffic along the trail. The far end runs adjacent to the Chabot bike loop. If you need to cut your hike short, you can cross over via Red Tail trail. Horses also frequent these trails, so watch your step!

2 days ago

Short walk around a lake. Google maps was not very helpful getting me there. It kept taking me to the CA-13S exit ramp and telling me I had arrived. I did this trail and Shepherd Canyon back to back.

2 days ago

It was ok. Finding the start of the trail was a little frustrating. I ended up heading east on Medau Pl to find an entrance to get started. There is a section that is scenic, but then the upper half of the trail follows along busy Shepherd Canyon Road. The signs clearly say to keep dogs on leash, but most people didn't obey. Fortunately, the dogs that I encountered off leash were well behaved. However, I had someone thank me for having my dog on leash because she just had a bad encounter with an irresponsible dog owner.

road biking
7 days ago

Nice paved path along the bay. It overlaps with the San Leandro Bay Trail and MLK Regional Shoreline. Lots of birds.

Nice and shady with a good variety of stuff to look at. A little confusing though.

Nice trail but almost no views. Cinderella is pretty steep -- our 83 year old grandma struggled up but made it. Also trails are shared with bicyclists.

Nice hike with some good views. The climb up from the parking lot was rather muddy as it had just rained the day before and that area doesn't get any sun. But once I crested the hill, the path was dry and opened up to some nice views. There are a few benches along the trail if you want to take a break and enjoy the scenery. I encountered a lot of dogs off leash. Some owners had their dogs under control, some not so much.

Very nice dog-friendly hike. The redwoods and groves on the Stream Trail portion are top notch.

It's a pretty wide trail that's well maintained and resembles an access road for most of it, so not so much a hike as it is a great run or bike path. The lush greens, soaring trees and glimpses of views make it well worth it.

1 month ago

I rated this Trail low because of all the horse poop, especially on the northern end by the horse ranch. The Goldenrod Trail was less traveled, probably because it's windy and hilly. I didn't encounter anyone on this section when I walked on a Saturday morning. The Branden Trail is nicer and more traveled. The trail felt safe and the people I met were friendly. I went after it rained the previous night and it was muddy, which is to be expected. There are better options for hiking in the area in my opinion and I don't plan to return.

Awesome trees along the stream and an enjoyable hike done many times

One of my favorite loops that's pretty simple

Fairly low traffic, and quite a bit of shade throughout the hike.


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