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Overall a pretty nice hike. I went to the right uphill first. Some things to note:
-coming down is about 1.5 miles of pretty steep downhill. People with bad knees can relate.
-Parts of the trial are pretty narrow. Cliff on one side.
-Parts are on a slant so you're not walking/running on level ground.
Great views and some nice wooded areas with a little stream of water. Parking lots were really full but didn't encounter too many ppl on the trail.

if you want a nice walk that has a good easy trail with lots of tree cover this is perfect. short and sweet. my new favorite after work trail.

I would rate this hardish. we did it clockwise. the back side was a bit more challenging due to erosion. love all the old oil well relics.

This is a nice trail. love the bubbling crude oil right out of the ground. clockwise is the hardest for sure. only down side is this place has lots of visitors and at the start of the trail lots of dog crap on the trail.

12 days ago

Trail is closed due to the Sand Fire.

It was a nice simple hike. There were lots of signs of animal life present. It was not crowded with people.

I thought it was just nice. The markers to tell you which trail you were taking were not very clear. So for a newbie like myself I found myself guessing and hoping I was on the right trail.

The description of this hike doesn't tell the whole story. I clocked the mileage to the bench at 1.4 miles. it is a steady ascent up to this point. 25-30 minutes to get to the bench going at a steady pace. The view from the bench is well worth the effort. you can see down into the Sunshine Canyon Landfill looking east, and beyond to the San Fernando Valley, and San Gabriel Mountains. Looking South, you see the crest of the range, and the many radio towers that dot the summits. To the West you get a good view of the many deep canyons, and the Towsley Canyon area. To the North you get an unobstructed view of the entire Santa Clarita Valley.

You can extend this hike, as I did by continuing to follow the dirt road along the ridge top that winds around in an arc until you reach a fenced off area that is on private property. There is a marked trail at the fence that will take you to Mission Point, and down to the Trailhead at O Melvany park. 3.35 miles to this point.

This is also a great trail if you are a Mountain Biker. The road is in good shape, and has kind of a roller coaster feel.

22 days ago

This trail is actually closed.

trail is a bit rough. I was feeling the burn. no not that guy. my legs.

Great day to hike this trail. Cool, and cloudy. Just rained the day before. I hiked the trail clockwise. Good workout on the switchbacks to the top. Beautiful scenery in every direction. I would clasify this as moderate overall however.

tough but worth the views

We took the clockwise route which I was told is the faster route to the top, but also harder. IT WAS!!
However, overall it is a good trail with great views and its kept up. We didn't see any water in the creek bed which was depressing, but hopefully some day there will be.

Hard and fun to do. There's a lot of beauty out there, and you feel far away without having to go that far.

trail running
1 month ago

this was my intro to trail running and I instantly fell in love. Great ascent fun but safe trail.