11 days ago

trail running
21 days ago

My favorite place for a trail run! Be careful... Tons of tarantulas and a few coyotes crossed my path several times. Stay alert!

amazing trail..this is a must

Great Hike today. Cool morning. Got in 5 miles of a good steady hike!

I live in the neighborhood. Easy trail to get up and down several times after work. Views of Temecula Valley from high vantage point. Nice to have in backyard, but certainly not worth traveling to. Go to Santa Rosa if you want to hike in Temecula Valley area.

1 month ago

Best hike in Murrieta

I live 15 minutes away from this hike. I hike it and run it regularly. The best part of the plateau is that there are many hikes short and long easy and moderately difficult making it very accessible for hikes of all ages and experience it. If you can make it to the adobes its worth it.
Bring water and sun block.

nice easy trail. if you hike the complete outside loop, its about 12 miles.

Great easy hike. I was able to hike a 9.5 mile loop. Along the trails I came across a tarantula and some coyotes.

Very pretty trail. I highly recommend it. I went in the summer time (early morning) and it was pretty, but I think it would be spectacular in the spring. I'll be back.

mountain biking
3 months ago

a great trail for the kids ages 5-11 many shaded areas to stop for water or snacks. went to the pools. dried up. but still a fun adventure. no wildlife this time.

I loved this hike. After Monument we kept going to the adobes. Awesome Sunday hike.❤️❤️

3 months ago

I thought it was fun. Small trail, more difficult in that the path was rocky and uneven, which made it fun for me. If you do want to see wild life, then do this trail. However, if you are afraid of snakes or crawling creatures then don't do this trail. I thought it was fun! I did see some poison oak but it was not near the trail.