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trail locations for Mt Baldy, California

it's hard for people whit out experience on hiking( like me) but very nice view and so much fun.

We took the chairlift up and then walked this trail. Fantastic walk, the views are spectacular, the paths are interesting and beautiful.

Nice challenging loop. I like it better when my wife does it with me and I carry her the last half up

I summited Mt Baldy via this trail and it's quite the workout to put it lightly. The view on the way up to the summit is great - takes your mind away from how tired your body is feeling. >_

Very easy if just going to the falls, nice views.

Beautiful hike! Excellent cardio! Went during a weekday and it was really lonely which was quiet nice. Going up took about 2.5 hours and down 1.5 hours.

This def one of my favorite hikes. Ive done this one several times and still enjoy it as much as I did the first time. Hiking during a light snowfall is beautiful. The mountain top have just enough snow for some amazing pictures. Also, keep your eyes open for ladybugs as they migrate to higher elevation during the winter. You'll find thousands of gorgeous ladybugs.

Great hike for the average hiker looking to advance their hiking skills. Took us just under 7 hours. We hiked about 12 miles total. Get there early! It gets very busy.

Freakin amazing. Nuff said

14 days ago

Good climb, get there early, it gets crowded quick. Oh, and people, if your dog barks incessantly at every human being they see, please leave them at home; this isn't the trail for them.

All the way sunshine and a little bit shade. My face was sunburnt and my right ankle was twisted and hurt. My team player gave me a great deal of courage and accompanied me to complete a round trip. I need a comfort hiking boot and a lightweight backpack for next Saturday Mt. Wilson trail hiking. At last, I felt exhausted but encouraged and was present with friendship.

Hike was great, was first Hike ive ever done and yes its a "real" hike but totally worth it.

Love this trail.

Nice view and great fun with friends!