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trail locations for Mountain Center, California
19 days ago

I would call ahead. Nothing indicated trail was closed( including the forest service website) but after 3/4 mile up the trail it was closed. So our trip was very short. It was ok as far as the trail itself, easy, but mostly looking at semi-dead scrub the whole time.

20 days ago

this was a nice hike. we hiked for 11 miles...5.5 out and then back. I loved the creek, saw three deer, and two beautiful blue birds. I was worried about heading back because it would be uphill, but it wasn't so bad. one of the local gentlemen gave me a bottled water, which was very nice of him. it was 75 there and back on the desert floor in indio it was 92. nice day.

Very pretty.

2 months ago

back packed from ramona Trailhead to toolbox springs campground with a 45 pound pack....I wouldn't say this is an easy trail...moderately hard..all uphill to the camp...the trek out will be a breeze...beautiful area the spring is just a trickle. .but it's running..I thought with all this drought it would be dry...nice surprise

easy and good views

A good trail to the ridgetop campground and Thomas Mt. Road. It's about 2.5 miles from here to Thomas Mt. along the road for a total of 10 round trip. There are signs on Hwy 74 indicating the Thomas Mt. Trail.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Very rocky at first so it's a tough ride - expect to walk your bike for a while.
Views are very nice and not a lot of people so it makes for a good feeling of escape.
Recommended but not best for getting your bike rhythm.

6 months ago

The location shown on the app is spot on, easy to find/follow signs from hwy 74 to the trailhead. It's more of a dirt road than a trail all the way up. We parked at the gate where the pavement ends and hiked to the top of the ridge where the power lines cross the trail. We didn't find any way to "loop" back, but from the trailhead to the top of the ridge and back was about 3 miles. Great views of Anza, smooth path, will do again!!

6 months ago

This is a really easy hike, with impressive views of the valley below. Great place to retreat from the summer heat.

6 months ago

We hiked from the trailhead to the creek and back - 4 miles total. Beautiful hike with blooming cactus, wild flowers and some shade with up and down elevation changes along the way. We hiked it really early morning in month of May so temperature ok. Loved the hike!

mountain biking
6 months ago

Update! The 7 mile loop is OPEN! The front gate will hand you a map upon request. Starts out with a sufferfest mini rock garden climb but Totally WORTH It DUDE. will post a map here in the photos section. the meadows we went through was picturesque to say the least. Will come back soon.

Loved this trail! yes it's only a mile out and back but one year into Mountain Biking I can't complain really, technical climbing and descending for sure, I'm sure there's other trails here and I'm gonna find them! Coming back soon.

Nice hike and great views. Highly recommend going all the way to Cedar Springs. Be careful of the many ants there.

Good trail, nice workout! Trail is easy to follow once you are sure your on the right one. Horsethief is not mentioned anywhere on the trail signage. Nor are you positive you've reached your destination. Better signage would be a plus. But all trails app steered us to the right place.

7 months ago

Did this hike back in 2011. It was a very rewarding hike with incredible views at the top overlooking Lake Hemet in one direction and the entire Coachella Valley in the other. I was sad to see that fire had destroyed the area. I hope it will be reopened and restored some day in the future do others can enjoy this great hike.

7 months ago

The Ramona trail can be made longer (if hiking from mountain center on hwy 74; up the mountain) as there will be a fork in the trail at the very end which takes you through a campground and eventually to the highest point on the ridge for the best views of San jacinto. This ends up making the hike about 13.5mi. This hike tends to be slightly boring for the first 2 miles but then opens up into some larger pines. Be sure to check out the massive pine cones if you get a chance.

one of my favorite hikes! the top is so gorgeous. love the pines and the little picnic tables at the the toolbox spring campground. a strenuous hike for an out of shape person like me, but probably moderate for regular hikers.

8 months ago

Very nice trail and great views. Tool Box Springs campground at top with tables and restrooms. Enjoyed it very much.

Really nice day! Start early for heat.