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trail locations for Mill Valley, California

Best hike I've been on

We took the Dipsea Trail out of Stinson Beach to Muir Woods then to Muir Beach. All those steps definitely woke me up first thing in the morning. It was a steep hike for the first hour or two going in this direction. It was absolutely beautiful. I felt like once we were at the top of the ridge we were winding up through a magical redwood forest before we saw other hikers. We hooked up with the Ben Johnson trial to get further in to Muir woods. We came upon a lot of other people at that point. It's an amazing trail.

Fresh air gives you the strength the make the climb - took about 2 hours

16 days ago

Nice little trail for a lunchtime break, although it could be added to a longer hike in the area. Lots of birds; enjoyed watching a woodpecker go at a tree right off the trail. Went in October, but would probably be better in Spring when there is water flowing.

The most serene of the trails I visited while two days in Muir Woods National Monument. I highly recommend for those who want an easy hike with a focus on the beauty surrounding them! Many others trails were beautiful, but this, to me, was the most beautiful...and not too many people were on it both times I hiked it.

trail running
18 days ago

Tough ascent up the Dipsea but it's a beautiful run!

18 days ago

was mostly on Rock Spring trail but this led me to East Peak

Coastal Trail has *phenomenal* views throughout entire length!

Hot hike, bc the first part doesn't have much cover, dogs are allowed on this hike, and the views are amazing!!

Very beautiful hike. Lots of options for trails and lengths.

Great Trail , stunning views

A really good trail. Great way to spend the day. Lots of activities on both end either at Muir Woods or Stinson and you can take Steep Ravine back to break up the monotony of an out-n-back.

Fun and beautiful trail half uphill not bad at all. Muir Woods is definitely an amazing place.