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trail locations for Malibu, California

I really liked this trail, the beginning and end are mainly in the sun but once you get up the mountain on the back loop it's much cooler and you get the ocean breeze. I'm a beginner trail runner so it had great inclines that I could run up some then walk. I would definitely do this trail again, once you get to the top the views are amazing

Easy with beautiful views - great for beginners or out of towners looking to spend some time on the beach but away from the crowds.

Great trails, nice view and a challenging incline! I like that the trails are generally well marked.

on Backbone Trail

10 days ago

Very challenging hike but worth it!

mountain biking
10 days ago

Nice and tough! Excellent views.

Great trail! Amazing!

I'm what I call a "California Girl" hiker. i.e. I have my yoga pants, nikes, iPod and some water in a backpack. I joke that I "hike for the insta".
This hike was just beautiful. Trail signs were a little obscure-ish. But if you're paying attention it's pretty obvious. I like that it's a full loop.
The first leg of the journey (getting to split rock) is probably the most strenuous and dangerous of the hike. But it was so beautiful.
Took me about 2.5 to 3 hours. My fitbit measured 6.67 miles full loop. Just very much worth it.
Got super hella lost on portrero road though.

12 days ago

I was expecting to see the waterfalls, but it's all dried out when I came! Overall, it's a great hike.

12 days ago

One of my favorite place to hike

15 days ago

It is rated as moderate and it is fairly short but straight up for the first mile with an elevation gain of over 1200 feet. the view is outstanding and if you have weaker hikers with you then do not go left at the fork at the top. stay right. it is a little longer but a milder uphill.

Great place, amazing view

There's a couple different options to take on this trail - both will offer great views of the canyon, and both will include some pretty steady inclines. I did the trail that is shown on the map clockwise (both loops). The 2nd loop towards the north will take you to the peak and will offer an awesome view of the canyon and ocean beyond. The trail clocked in at a bit over 7 miles and took 3 hours. Overall a good length. I give this hike 3 stars due to the exposure on the trail (you're in the sun most of the time), so be sure to bring plenty of water if you're going to do this in the summer months. Enter the parking lot at the Solstice Canyon sign - parking is free - that will take you directly to the trailhead.

• Great workout, the second big uphill climb kicked my butt a little in the full sun and heat - so bring lots of water
• if you start early like 7 or 8am you'll get a lot more morning shade to rest in but there's a lot more marine layer and cloud obscuring your view. Even starting at 9am, I think some of the "amazing" views were obscured
• to be honest, there are better views of the ocean from other hikes - you see a lot of houses and land first so it's not that great
• back end of the hike there's horses and poop from a horse tours ranch in the valley but it's not as bad as say, Will Rogers state park

Great little day trail. Plenty of shade on the backside. Really surprised me. We went counter-clockwise and I think that's the best way to go.

There is a logbook to sign in to when you reach the peak. Pack a pen. Leave a Clif Bar. Enjoy the view. It does get hot midday, so pack plenty of water.