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Beautiful views, pretty easy hike. Parking is $12 if you park in the lot.

Easy hike up to the observatory

A great paved loop around Lake Hollywood. Great views all around. There's a "rustic" drinking fountain on the south side of the trail if you forget to bring your own water. Parking is usually decent, but some local residents whip around the corners really fast, so be cautious of the traffic.

Great change of intensity and awesome views!!

The best way to get closer to the Hollywood sign.
Do not forget to apply sunscreen if you are hiking on a hot sunny day.

Clean trail with lots of variety and dogs.

Moderate is a good word for the short, steep South side of the loop from Wonder View. But I took the loop clockwise from Wonder View, missed the "trail" heading back South to the top (looks like a small rockslide) and after 50 years of hiking all kinds of trails, "moderate" does not do justice to the very steep, rocky, sandy, rutted ridgeline over Warner Bros. lot. Views to the North were spectacular along the way, and it felt good when I got to the Wisdom Tree. I don't recommend the North side of the loop unless you're looking for more than "moderate". At 61 years I'm in pretty decent shape and was checking out the trail so I know how to take my friend to the Wisdom Tree. He and I are both recovering from traumatic brain injuries. Now I know which way to take him!

6 days ago

Un lugar excellent para la familia

good work out as far as running 4 miles from beginning to the dirt loop in the back people can get your way at times besides that great place to log in some miles

I took this hike today, as an early evening hike, my first time up it. The climb is a steady wind up around the switchbacks, a constant incline of varying steepness, on a comfortably wide dirt walk, with a steeper, yet much shorter option, cutting through it. The workout is great either way, the easiest path being for all skill levels and anyone whose knees could handle it. It continues a little further once you hit the peak, Mission Point, following a gas companies fence. Theres an out cropping of paths to take, including connection to O'Melveny park, though this peak is much higher.

A bench is located in a nice spot shaded with trees, a rare respite from the sunlight if hiking earlier in the day, it was near dark during my visit. To my surprise, there was a seemingly crazy possibly homeless man talking to himself while camped at the bench, eating a melon and rambling. I also encountered fours others on this trail, all apparently normal people just there for recreation. A man was biking it and that looked tough and fun, yet doable, so I could recommend that activity for this trail as well.

Parking is available at the end on the street in a cul-de-sac, and there is immediate access to the trail there.

The trail is not marked very well so make sure your phone is fully charged and use the trail app. We got somewhat lost. We took the trail up to Mmt Hollywood and then to the Observatory. Out total trek was 8.6.

I give it a 5! The incline is steep and a great way to work off big holiday meals!

Offers a little bit of everything from views to steep inclines to the hidden garden.

Great Hike but Moderate plus due to the incline. I saw a lot of people just quit and turn around. Parking is tough we got lucky that someone was leaving when we arrived. Great Views, good for Pics. No shade, so wear your Sunblock

The trail is okay, however if you do the trail and go to the lake it's a perfect nature day right in the middle of the city. This is one of LA's hidden treasures, bring a blanket and make a picnic by the lake (pond). Parking is free on weekdays.

I both like and dislike this trail. It's a good workout and central location with a great view however it is very crowded and lacks the nature feeling I look for in a hike. It's sort of like a better version of going to the gym. There are several options to hike from easy to moderate. Parking is crazy so I recommend going at times it's less busy- weekdays daytime or early morning. Sunset is beautiful from here though if you can deal with parking, Uber or live nearby. When you get to the gate and parking lot at the top of the trail keep going to the left to the actual peak for a good view and in my opinion the best part of this trail.

Famous hike with scenic views of the city. As many others have stated there are two trails you can take, an easy one and more moderate trail. This place does get busy during the summer, got a ticket for parking on the wrong street the one time I went but I will definitely be back.