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I'm planning to do this magnificent tour to Mt. Whitney this summer with my friend... But we failed to get permit for this, and this site says this... "For day hikes you can self register at the trailhead sign in station." Anyone please let me know if we can hike for just one day, can we still just do "self register" at the station?

Beautiful hike. Went in November and the temperature was perfect. Does involve crossing small creeks and climbing up wet/smooth rocks so have some traction footwear.

Hard but fulfilling

1 month ago

Backpacked up to Lake 5 (10/21/16) for an overnighter. Well marked trail. Windy Sat. night. Beautiful area.

amazing views from the top climbed to the top when I hiked the PCT July 2016

What a beautiful hike! I did this one on October 6th. The rangers warned of high wind and snow, but it was actually low wind and 60 degrees/sunny when I got to the top! So pretty. Views on views on views.

I did the single day hike and it was very obtainable. If you are in good shape, you will be able to day hike it no problem. I started at about 8am, hit summit around noon, and was down just after 3.

~7 hours total. I'm pretty fast, but not a racer.

Again, so pretty. Definitely do this one! I bet everyone who complained about it being super hard wasn't prepared - I saw a lot of that on the trail.

Check out my photos of the trip on Instagram: ahaler1

Good five hour hike today! Enjoyed the view, unfortunately didn't get to explore everything because it got super windy and the clouds set in. But all in all a great hike!

This is very convenient place to stop and camp, but I couldn't bring myself to get in the water. It's scummy on top and not very warm. There's garbage all around, including a mattress and pile of human exciment. Eww factor aside, there's a few cement platforms which are great for car parking/camping. The birding is excellent, I saw raptors, terns, ducks, and some other fun little stuff. Coolest of all was the airforce doing fighter jet drills. Definitely bring your binoculars if you're going to stay here.

the Sierras was the best part of the trail

1 month ago

Meysan lake is harsh, stark, and beautiful. The last 2 miles of the hike are much more strenuous than the first half. Using a GPS is a must, as the trail does not exist between Camp lake and Meysan Lake, and we had to rely on cairns and our topo maps to get to Meysan. Most of the lakes are completely dried up now (not sure if this is the drought or because we did this very late in the season, first weekend of October) but Meysan lake still has plenty of water. When we arrived, it was a sparkling deep turquoise, and the towering peaks surrounding it looks otherworldly.

Very doable as a day hike. Took us about 6 hours total, but I would budget at least 7 so that you can spend more time at the lake.

Loved every minute of our 1 day hike. Toughest at 12,000 plus. Up there for a long time - 10 miles out of the 22. Must be prepared. Best part was starting at 3:30 am. So surreal.

2 months ago

Took the unmaintained trail that branched off the trail ~1.2 miles from the trailhead. Turned out to be around 5 miles to South Forks Lake. When you're walking along the meadow, make sure to stay right along the creek. Beautiful lake, with golden meadows. Windy and VERY cold at night. Definitely end of Sierra season. Beautiful hike with lots of water available. Nice day hike over the hill to Cirque lake-has potential for amazing waterfront camping (100 feet from water!).

Great hike! Like others have said, train up if you plan on making this a day hike and start very early. Amazing views throughout!

An Amazing Adventure and Challenge! - Mt Whitney was just "off my radar" for a long time, as I traveled the world, produced my art and did other adventures. When I discovered the tallest mountain in the U.S. was less than 4 hours drive from me, it quickly became on obsession.

There it was... just sitting there, being all tall... just asking to be climbed!

- We passed on getting more acclimated to the altitude and opted for a mellow first night camping at Lake Dias. Next morning hiked only 3.5 miles up to Outpost Camp. Again passing on more acclimation... but mostly passing on more cold. Up at 4 am to hike the remaining 7.5 miles to the summit, where we hung out awhile then hiked all the way back down to the trail head.

My usual curiosity kicked in and I wanted to know if "99 Switchbacks" was just a colorful, term to describe a hell'a lot of switchbacks?...

So, I counted. I may have lost track a bit but when they ended, I was at exactly 99! I'm sure the Park Service knows the count, as they maintain them. We did 18.5 miles in a day! Averaging one mile an hour on the way up.

For everyone preparing for the first time... all the basic advice you read is the real deal. GET ACCLIMATED, GET IN SHAPE. Know the Weather, Permits, Pack Light, Stay Warm and Prepare in general. Diamox can help a bit for Acclimation but is not a substitute for Endurance Training.

I did the day hike and it's quite the accomplishment to go in one day. Not a relaxing hike at all it's very physical and mentally challenging. I am glad I did this once but will probably never do this hike again.