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we liked it. you can do it in 10 min just as a stop by

This was our second attempt at summiting Mt. Whitney. The first was in July 2012, and we turned around at 2nd camp.
This time, we started on Oct 2, 2016. Weather was much, much colder and with high winds. We camped at Outpost Camp (10,000 ft.) The hike to 2nd camp seemed much longer than I had remembered. By the time we got to the last 3 miles of trail before the Summit, winds were so cold and so strong, I had to wear a neoprene face mask. I almost gave up a mile below summit, but my wife pushed me forward; I'm so glad she did!
Temperatures were supposed to drop to 18° that night. On the way back down, the water in my Nalgene bottles was beginning to freeze. There was a sheet of ice under the lid which I had to break through with the handle of my hiking pole in order to drink.
This was a long and grueling hike, yet very rewarding. I would not recommend it to the faint of heart at this time of year.

Awsome, I was torn between keeping it to myself or posting this.

I'm planning to do this magnificent tour to Mt. Whitney this summer with my friend... But we failed to get permit for this, and this site says this... "For day hikes you can self register at the trailhead sign in station." Anyone please let me know if we can hike for just one day, can we still just do "self register" at the station?

Beautiful hike. Went in November and the temperature was perfect. Does involve crossing small creeks and climbing up wet/smooth rocks so have some traction footwear.

Hard but fulfilling

2 months ago

Backpacked up to Lake 5 (10/21/16) for an overnighter. Well marked trail. Windy Sat. night. Beautiful area.

amazing views from the top climbed to the top when I hiked the PCT July 2016

What a beautiful hike! I did this one on October 6th. The rangers warned of high wind and snow, but it was actually low wind and 60 degrees/sunny when I got to the top! So pretty. Views on views on views.

I did the single day hike and it was very obtainable. If you are in good shape, you will be able to day hike it no problem. I started at about 8am, hit summit around noon, and was down just after 3.

~7 hours total. I'm pretty fast, but not a racer.

Again, so pretty. Definitely do this one! I bet everyone who complained about it being super hard wasn't prepared - I saw a lot of that on the trail.

Check out my photos of the trip on Instagram: ahaler1

Good five hour hike today! Enjoyed the view, unfortunately didn't get to explore everything because it got super windy and the clouds set in. But all in all a great hike!

This is very convenient place to stop and camp, but I couldn't bring myself to get in the water. It's scummy on top and not very warm. There's garbage all around, including a mattress and pile of human exciment. Eww factor aside, there's a few cement platforms which are great for car parking/camping. The birding is excellent, I saw raptors, terns, ducks, and some other fun little stuff. Coolest of all was the airforce doing fighter jet drills. Definitely bring your binoculars if you're going to stay here.

the Sierras was the best part of the trail