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trail locations for Loma Linda, California

Beautiful hills and green scenery

fun but no shade

Awesome walk

1 month ago

Fall or winter trail don't bother in the summer

Really nice views !

Nice in late fall/winter, wouldn't dare in summer as it gets super hot and no shade anywhere.

3 months ago

The view isn't great and most of it is not shaded. The white sand reflects off and makes it feel much hotter than it is. Runners often do this route and they do have a dog park at the entrance.

Pretty stale surroundings. And there are too many ant farms on the trails; the big giant ants not the little ones you might see on your sidewalk. Only come here as a last alternative for a work out l.

6 months ago

Runners, it's runnable, a few choppy steps but I able to run up the closest tallest peak that's even after a leg workout at the gym the day prior. Previous remarks are pretty accurate, I was indeed lead to the start again without any signs, but more just cardinal direction.

6 months ago

Great little hike, multiple routes but they all lead back to the same starting point. Good balance of hills and flatlands make it great for hiking and trail running. Walking and bike paths intersect so watch out for collisions, especially if you wear headphones! I'm not sure if they belong to anyone, but I've seen herds of donkeys grazing around.

6 months ago

Great trail although not always maintained well and signs of homeless living in the area. I also walked up on a rattle snake twice during the summer last year.

its a great walk with nice views of loma linda nd san bernardino...

There were a lot of trails to choose from that were all different levels of ease.