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As an 19 yr old I owned a mobile home on the other side of the lake in Woodbridge. We had our own little dock and swimming area in the section that feeds the lake from the river. I hiked everywhere there that was possible. We used to water ski in the lake as well. If i remember right they only allowed water skiing friday afternoon for a couple of hours

2 months ago

A lovely walk for the whole family. The kids enjoyed watching the squirrels run from tree to tree gathering acorns, and although we didn't see the deer that come to graze in the field during the evening, evidence was strong they had been there. The surrounding brush didn't seem as lush as it normally does, a lot of large trees had been cut down or removed. The trail was quite busy, even for a Saturday morning. people were friendly and everyone makes way for the children who are excited and ready to explore! If it's a short, easy walk your looking for than the Lodi Lake Nature Trail is perfect for you!

it nices kid friendly

Just clarifying dog policy. Dogs are okay on leash by the park, but dogs are not allowed on the nature trail.

It was a little difficult to find, path starts in the nature area. Very nice walk, I had no idea that the river was this close to the city!

A beautiful walk!

It was nice going somewhere different. The deer was cool to see.

Felt great to enjoy the beautiful scenery and except use. Nice that it's so close!

trail running
5 months ago

One of the best in city trails I have seen. Has actual wild life and pleasant people.

nature trips
7 months ago

perfect for a hour or so easy stroll with the family, wide enough for bikes. Lots of squirrels, birds and local plant life to document. mostly clean and free of litter. can get crowded on the weekends.

Not bad for a local quick hike. There was some good forestry sections of the trail.

10 months ago

It's nice and relaxing. It's definitely great for those who likes to do an easy nature walk..

great local spot. went on a Friday with my daughter. was so nice and peaceful. took a stroller and walked the trail. 2 playgrounds available for the kids as well!

Nice place, didn't realize it was so popular. The volume of people slightly ruined the idea of a nice relaxing walk around the trail.

Definitely will go back though, maybe just not on a Saturday.

2 years ago

Short walk, nothing to rigorous. However, if you are like myself and you just get an itch to be meat nature this could satisfy that if you live local.

Quick short walk. A good amount of shade throughout & at the start of our walk we seen a deer.

Nice casual walk make sure you go off through the smaller trails exploring. Not too busy on trail but park was filling up

Saw one small buck and a couple of doe feeding on the back end of the trail. Lot's of fat squirrels and birds. Colorful ducks in the lake.

I saw 13 deer in one herd. There was a 3 Point buck leading the herd. Awesome!