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What a great workout. Fall is a much better time to hike this one.

9 days ago

I like the new maintained trail

real life hike here. minimum a gallon of water.

Got the summit and the Capitan this time. Got pretty hot so remember to bring water. This is definitely a for real hike.

Bring lots of water! Amazing eagle's nest view makes this difficult hike worth the climb

Bring lots of water! This trail is super difficult but worth the trek! Did it 10/20/16, got a late start 1145a 95 degrees! Got to mile 3 started to get calf cramp, decided to suck it up. Had to reach the peak! Just past mile 3 there is a sign warning not to continue if it is past 1:30 pm as the trail & parking lot closes at 6:30pm sharp. I was there at 1:00 pm and decided to continue on. At mile 5, the trail is very confusing, hard to make out which way to go to the peak. At this point you are climbing rocks and walking through knee high brush. 1/2 mile took me 30 minutes and once at the top the calf cramp was unbearable! Thought I should call 911, instead decided to suck it up and limp my way back. At the 4 miles to the parking lot my right leg started to cramp and I ran out of water (A CAMEL PACK ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH). Now I'm face with one leg hurting when climbing and the other hurting on down hills. At mile 3, getting dehydrated and thinking I'm not going to make it, on the verge of calling 911! Suck it up is all I could say to myself and thinking of the show I shouldn't be alive! The last two miles I basically was in a daze, thirsty in pain but had to get out!

Great hike, not for the faint of heart, not for beginners! Be in excellent physical shape! Be hydrated before you go, take lots of water and sunscreen as there is hardly any shade.

Would love to do it again but not alone. HMU if you want company on this hike! Marco 760-486-5389.

It was nice. At first you couldn't see any scenery because the shrubs around the trail were super high, but the garther you go, the more open it got. The view of the lake was beautiful.

Steep hike. The climbs are steep enough that coming down is delicate regardless of how sure-footed you are. Two false peaks will try to drain your resolve. Half mile to the summit is a bit of a bushwhack. Cliffs are another mile+ past the fork at the saddle before the summit. ATT LTE nearly the whole hike. Great to be away from crowds of hikers though. Budget 5 hours at least to hike the trail. Gate closed at 630pm on Sunday in October.

Did this hike today....would recommend to start as early as possible... if doing the hole hike we started at 5:30 am. but for sure next time at 4 am to not catch sun alot.. oh bring lots of water .... awesome hike and amazing views :).

I hike and ride horses there often. Great trail for a quick cardio workout or just to take your time and enjoy the scenery

Tough but REWARDING! Lots of undulation. Up!Down!Up...up....UP......down.......UP......
And then you have to get BACK! Pack a lunch.

difficult from an endurance standpoint. amazing workout and spectacular views! reserve energy for the hike back. hike on a cool/cold day as there is very little shade. bring lots of water (a few liters minimum per person) and bananas will help if you experience cramping. hiking poles and good tread shoes will be helpful as well. For me this is the toughest hike in the San diego area, but also the most rewarding. enjoy!

Super fun and easy, perfectly shaded

Brutal hike. Bring lots of water! Lots of incline and decline. Make sure your toe nails are cut! Trekking poles are super helpful. Can't wait to be back. The view was amazing!