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trail locations for Lake Elsinore, California

Easy, quick, scenic hike most anyone would be able to do. Little actual water at the falls because of the drought.

14 days ago

had a great time, BUT..the little repellent resistant black flies where a challenge. ..once night time came it was beautiful . so quiet. some kind of bird that sounded like a monkey woke me up around 2:30am and sounded off till sun rise life is good, God is great

Nice for hiking but not that great for MTB.

I would say this trail is a good solid hike. First 4 miles are not too strenuous with moderate altitude gain. The last remainder about .8 of a mile is where things get tougher. The angle of accent going up will wear you down a bit but it pays off when you reach the top. The last portion of the hike is marked by white ribbons to help guide you and keep you on course. Gorgeous 360 degree views with breathtaking sights.

20 days ago

not that hard until the end. 90 percent was moderate, the last section was difficult because of the incline but very doable for most people with breaks.

21 days ago

Great hike with scenic views. We only did 3 miles but will be back and maybe make it to the peak

27 days ago


Like Enrique, I was unable to locate the trail head. Sort of a "Deliverance" moment.
I think someone has purchased the property and closed it down.

1 month ago

no waterfall in late september, beautiful hike though, nice scene of the ocean through the mountain peaks

1 month ago

Tried to hike this but the trail was closed off. This is my first time here so I don't know whether I was at the correct trail head or not.

off road driving
1 month ago

Great trail for 4x4. If you don't have high clearance or a 4x4 you will struggle with the trail. Did it in a Ram Powerwagon, it was tight in some bits but made it with zero issues. You take the directions off the Ortega Highway for Bluejay campground, continue straight and once you hit a gravel road, there's a white gate on the left. Drive through and enjoy. Did there and back in about three hours. Lot's of scenic views and a good way to test different aspects of your 4x4.

This trail was so much fun! Tacoma double cab sport took it on. Some deep crevices but stock could prob make it. A little bit of everything on this one. Flat trail, rocky trail, scenic all rolled into one. Hard to find. Make a right at North main divide, it's a paved road, go up about three miles and it'll be on your left. Alot of fun!

off road driving
1 month ago

Not the trail for you If you're afraid of your vehicle getting scratches. I have encountered 3-4 spots that were badly washed out along the way but nothing a 4x4 Tacoma can't handle. Happy off roading!

Nice hike. Not difficult. Do the loop to 4 Corners and back to parking and it's about 7 miles total.

2 months ago

July 11th 2016. The app says 3.1 miles. Remember that this is only one way! The trail was a little overgrown but that is expected on a trail that is not well known. We passed fisherman camp and went on to the falls. After the falls we walked up the road back to our vehicle. The total distance with the falls was 8 miles. By 10am it was already over 90 outside. I went through 3 liters of water.

Great trail. No water fall on 6-10-16. We will be back.

started at 8am it started to warm up quick. bring water. a bit of pestering by some yellow looking flies as it got warmer maybe just the season. beautiful canyon and mountain views. the creek was dry. little shade bring a hat. declines into canyon campimg area and if you go back the same route incline up back to trailhead. lots of shade in creek area. lots of birds singing saw plenty of lizards including a horned lizard and a toad inside of the sign in box (i set em free)

Cool place to hang just be sure to watch out for mountain lions. Also not a whole lot of water but during the rain is amazing