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off road driving
3 days ago

I was able to go up this trail and have a great time. Starting off its a bit rocky but later in the trail it's easy off roading. You'll need a 4x4 for sure, also trail is narrow. Fun trail overall.

off road driving
9 days ago

Killer views in all directions, a bit rocky coming up to the top, with a cliff on the side but other then that awesome trail

on Fishermans Camp Trail

9 days ago

Fun hike!

Easy hike great and relaxing. The weather was cool and we were pretty high up. Beautiful views. We took 3 dogs and 1 pup...too much fun. ENJOY

Nice hike. Extremely well marked trails. Very enjoyable.

Great trail for a fall hike. It rained the the night before and the morning of our hike till about 10:00am. Landscape and views were beautiful. No water flowing in the falls as it's too early in the season. I highly recommend this one for fall, winter, and early spring. It's a little exposed for the summer heat of Southern California. Enjoy!

great hike but no water fall

off road driving
15 days ago

Silverado C1500
285 Kumho Road Ventures

It was a nice trail. It was mostly just a poorly maintained road and the affore mentioned Civic could handle most of it... most not all. There were a couple inclines that were rain damaged and deep holes from previous attempts. Not many though.

I will need to go back because the advise to go on a very clear morning is very good advise.

Kinda boring. Good walk especially as dog friendly.

off road driving
16 days ago

Can't take Razors or Mavericks on the trail. Was told by forest service today. Couldn't rate the rest of the trail because I never got to do it. But getting there was easy.

trail running
23 days ago

Completed 11-12-16- 7 miles out and back. Temps were moderate in 80'. Much better than a month ago! Started at 2 pm ish. A trail race was happening at the same time in this trail so it was busy. The trail descends if u start clockwise by the restroom - then meanders around. At "T" stay left to follow sign for Chiquito trail and not San Juan. The climb up is technical and a grind if you are jogging but great views. The trail downhill is rocky - I went passed the Falls another mile or so. The waterfall was bone dry and nothing to see. The trail past the turnoff for the falls enters an area where grasses are very tall and is buggy. I didn't like this part and prefer to be up. However it's still nice and shaded.

Took the yellow dog with us, followed him onto a side trail & ended up doing a bit of bush whacking to get back on the main trail up to the falls. Pretty easy hike, we'll definitely have to go back after a good rain & see the falls when they aren't dry!

off road driving
1 month ago

great trail glad to see it so active but lots of speeding drivers be safe yall

no place to park it's at your own risk

Easy, quick, scenic hike most anyone would be able to do. Little actual water at the falls because of the drought.