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trail locations for Laguna Beach, California

Great views of the ocean

great hike make sure to bring water. It's $15 to park make sure you pay the signs are NOT clearly posted

Great views and easy hike. If you want a challenge go down each of the beach access trails and hike up. Bathroom access and The Beachcomber is there to quench your thirst.

We loved this trail! Some fire roads, single track, a cave, beautiful views with the ocean breeze!! We went down to the beach to cool our feet after the hike!!

A great workout! I did about 5 miles, got some great inclines! You can see the ocean going up. My new favorite! Now that I am more familiar with it as well as the maps (The maps tend to be slightly different on the poles at times, maybe they arent all updated) next time I will make it to the ocean. Thank you OCParks for this beauty in Laguna Beach.

Nice trail. Lake is dried up. It wasn't a couple of months ago when we hiked here last. Couple good climbs and narrow steep descents. Not a lot of traffic. This morning few other hikers and couple trail runners. Bring plenty of water. No dogs allowed.

Beautiful views, great beach weather. Lots of options for trails. Some steep and others not so hard. Can't wait to try the full loop!

I love being in nature so this trail receives 4 stars but I don't know how this trail is "easy" and quick. I hiked this trail by myself. I took the Lake Trail to the Canyon Trail as the map for this hikes says. Nearly half the trail is uphill and when you come down the trail is narrow and steep. I was prepared for a easy 3 mile hike not this. Now I know. I may come back when I'm better prepared (like more water).

I saw a total of 6 people on the trail and 3 others hanging out in hammocks. There are so many trails, it's easy to be on a trail by yourself for awhile.

24 days ago

Great views, moderate inclined very dusty. Kids enjoyed didn't see much wildlife except for several large hawks flying overhead.

Amazing views of the ocean on this hike. Came across two small caves that were great to take a little rest in and meditate. Cut across The Moro Canyon trail on the way back and it was a really pleasant walk back down.

Loved it. Nice work out if you add the stairs and ramps.

Good, easy hike for families! The lake is dried up, but stop at the Nature Center and get the handout that helps you identify animals by the scat you find along the trail. My kids had a great time looking at animal poop! They "identified" a bobcat, a coyote, raccoons, opossums, and a deer. :)

Good view, but not elevated enough for me

Lake is dry right now

Great trail for a first timer hiker.