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Started to hike this trail but it was steep and i'm too old to do steep anymore.

18 days ago

I did the full suggested hike and it was more of a walk on trails and through parking lots. It's was great to just get out and go for a long walk. Bonelli park is beautiful and you can see raging waters.

Not thrilling but a good workout.

Devin, the actual distance of this hike/run is 25 miles, not 17. You stopped about 4 miles short of the actual Sunset Peak. I've done it a few times, and that's what my GPS shows every time. And it's easy to confirm, because, if you take a look at the All Trails map and see where your red line ends, it's about 4 miles short of where you see Sunset Peak marked on the map. When you veered to the right near what you though was the peak, you should have stayed left and then cut up the trail the map map shows keeps going a lot farther. Take a look on the map at the trail that keeps on going well past where your line ends, and you'll find the words "Sunset Peak" and an X marking the spot that is the actual peak.

You should try the hike again, the views from the real peak are worth it! :) By the way, I'll pull this review off of AllTrails soon so it doesn't appear to be a criticism. I'm just hoping you'll read this and correct the distance and show the entire route on the map so it doesn't mislead people. It's a nice trail and I've hoped someone would post it on AllTrails, so it's great to see you've called attention to it, but it's important to give the right information here.

on Bonelli Park Trail

road biking
1 month ago

Easy ride .. short hills scenic view

Went on this trail a while back but thought it was super cool! It wasn't too bad. Has really nice views. It's kind of hard to find but if you you the other picture on here it's pretty easy. You just have to park right before the dam and you're pretty
Much at the beginning of the trail. Just to warn you the trail kind of has a lot of bees going up so make sure you're covered well if you do this one. Definitely a good hike

2 months ago

Fun walk. Took the dogs on a leash. Not the best marked trail, but easy enough to figure out. Shady spots all along the way.

on Bonelli Park Trail

3 months ago

Enjoyed this trail. It is more of a walk than hiking. Plenty of areas that are shaded and the trails are pretty much all leveled. No steep hills. Nice long trail with plenty of views.

trail running
4 months ago

5 months ago

One of my favorite 5:30 am walks.

Great trail for just about anything. I prefer to do this on the weekdays where there aren't many people and later on so you can see the beautiful sunset. There are so many ways to take this trail, you can really just start and follow whatever trail you want because its pretty hard to get lost at all.

Great trail for running or if not a runner good for walking and taking in some views. I wouldn't recommend mountain bike riding unless you have a good bike : ). Best times to go is winter and beginning of spring that's when there's more vegetation and more green. All around a fun and good park with lots of trails.

Walk is easy for kids

We hiked around the lake, sometimes on the road, other times on a dirt path. We almost made the mistake of walking around the airport because we missed the small fire road that takes you back to the entrance via the lakeshore. It was hot when we were in the sun and on pavement. There was some variation...not a completely flat trek. We didn't bring enough water but there are many bathrooms near the picnicking areas. I would definitely bring more water and snacks next time. I prefer a mountain hike but this was a pretty good fitness trail. It was sometimes confusing to determine which way to go but that can be part of the fun. There was no real way to get lost.

So far my favorite place for mountain bike, the single track section is awesome.

Nice hike especially at sunset