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Nice trail lots of people

Seriously this trail is not for the novice! I'm a fit chick, runner and a hiker! It's an uphill trail overall! Awesome scenery. Should not be rated as easy!

great hike..views of Salton sea and wind turbines when you get close to top. usually closet to top cools down and get breeze with the altitude..have seen bighorn sheep on this hike quite a bit

1 month ago

very hot in july

on Cove to Lake Trail

4 months ago

Was great to bring small kids in wagon because of the paved pathway and will definitely come back for future bike rides and or jogging with my dog:-)

spectacular flowers after the three mile mark

8 months ago

I lost the trail and spent a lot of time in the wash within the canyon, which is slow going.

8 months ago

Great hike but it's 7 miles not 0.6. 3 1/2 miles each way. Who's calculating these hikes?

8 months ago

This isn't the Boo Hoff trail, just a hike in the La Quinta cove. The Boo Hoff is a 9 to 12 mile hike depending on where you finish at the lake or back at the cove.

trail running
9 months ago

Most of this trail is on gently sloping soft or hard sand. Walking beside the Quarry golf course is nice, as is a washroom at the lake. Pretty busy trail.

What a great trail, decided to stay to the right and off the wash which made it a moderate hike. We were also able to spot a big horn. We will definitely do this trail again.

A great hike we stayed to the right of the trail and climbed up instead of walking through the wash, which made it a moderate hike. We will definitely do this trail again. We're able to see a big horn as well.

road biking
9 months ago

Beautiful scenery and easy biking trail.

Great- the boo hoff trail is 9 miles one way, but connects to the cove trail at the lake Cahuilla visitor lot... For another 4 miles to make a nice loop. It's easy to loose the trail, but there are people about... Bring lots of water!!!

Good trail, lost it in a few places, but able to double back... Enough travelled to ask if you get confused

I wouldn't say it's easy- maybe moderate... Especially once you head into the mountains- I took it and connected with the cove to lake trail for a challenging 12 mile loop... Bring plenty of water!!!