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great trek around stunning views. really easy to navigate especially for a 1st time visitor.

It was nice to hike with kids. It was little bit hard for them, but they were really excited on the top.

This trail is beautiful! Go to the end to get the higher views. It's a moderate hike with lots of pretty scenery.

Great views, kind of steep but it was cool and breezy too. I'll definitely come back when it gets greener.

Love! Great hike! Beautiful view. Not too steep- but you feel like it takes a little effort!

It was a beautiful hike. The breeze made it very nice. Definitely time to go would be early Fall or Spring

fun, easy trail. 4x4 not needed. There is a vault restroom at one end.
I liked having a few mini hikes to stop at, like the pictographs. It's at great trail if you're looking to build your off road driving skills.

One of the best hikes I've been on in SD county. Beautiful scenery. Nice mix of shade and wide open spaces, easy to follow trail (when you get to the water trough, just walk straight until the trail picks up again!), and perfectly placed picnic tables to rest and eat. I appreciated the length -- there was definitely just enough elevation to get the heart pumping (we did the loop clockwise which meant a steeper climb) but not too much, which is good considering the length. Tons of cows in and around the trail, and I even met a horse! Definitely want to watch your step. ;)

My husband and I did this with our dog today and we did not feel it warranted the difficult rating. Great views at the top, but the climb itself was mediocre.

Good for family

Good workout. Not a lot of shade. Nice scenery and some steep inclines but not all uphill which is nice. Hiked with 3 others and all thought it was very worthwhile. William Heise campground is really roomy unlike most where you're on top of each other!

30 days ago

We've hiked this trail this Saturday, September 24. It was a nice day for our group. Some of us are physically challenged, so we took our time. Started from the parking right off 79, and headed towards the "little island". We've walked around the island, and headed towards southeast for another loop. After getting back to the first point before the little island, we've gone back to the parking. Some of us spotted turkeys, and it was very pleasant trail overall.

I had a lot of fun hiking around William Heise County Park; make sure you go to Cedar Loop. Since Julian is only a short drive away, I go for a hike at William Heise and then drive into Julian for a piece of yummy pie from Julian Pie Co.

Lovely hike. I was welcome with wild deers and saw a snake on the way down. It was a nice cool weather despite that it was hot in SD. I am definitely coming back.

wonderful hike. Definitely worth the effort to get to the top.

not another soul(minus the snake and bat I saw) on the trail, which I always love.

Great hike with wonderful views. They get the award for best trailhead.
But what is up with the flies? At times I felt like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown.
The 5 Oak Trail is awesome and we were glad we took it on the way downhill. Narrow and steep in places.
Just loved it overall.

Trail is actually straightforward and easy. There is a small (well depending on your fitness) incline about 70% of the way to the Kanaka loop.

There are many cows on the trail Like some would be on the side of some steep cliffs and you'd be like wtf how did that dude get up there? He aint no goat! Anyways, this is a pretty awesome hike, one of the best in San Diego county in my opinion. I prefer this over volcan and the santa ysabel west. There is no option for a 4.5 star so I'll give it 5.