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Fun hike. Great views! Parking is a bit tight on the side of the road, but there's room for a few cars. The route is short but quite an incline! I would agree on a "moderate" rating v easy, but I'm also old and out of shape ;). We took an 8yr old beginner hiker and a 1yr old in a carrier and we all enjoyed it.

29 days ago

idk why everyone says this trail is hard. it was pretty easy. not challenging at all. we only brought 3 bottles of water and that was more than sufficient. ofcourse bring tons of water to hydrate. we didn't tale any breaks either. the climb up to the peak is all up hill and like doing lunges
the way down was a walk in the park.
definitely not a difficult hike. i did it with my 4 year old son.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I've done this many times from different approaches and each approach and descent is unique. I approached from Jamul Road then up the designated trail. If your biking, 60% is hike-a-bike if your a weekend warrior. I descended to the golf course, eventually. To exit, you must travel on private property and the golf course. So, be respectful and perhaps travel in small groups. Overall, the descent is one of the best in San Diego with two 3 mile sections with the lover section being more developed and the upper being rocky and very bushy.

Great trail for the kids. Not busy at all even on Labor Day. We spent some time geocaching along the way so we didn't complete the whole loop, but it was fun anyways! I would definitely like to come back to this trail to run without the kids.

Very little activity on either of the major loops. A few bikers and horse riders when I went Sunday morning, but when I returned Monday after work I did not see a single soul the whole 7.33 miles (I did multiple side trails). Very convenient if you live In Otay or Chula Vista but want to do a hike closer to home.

rock climbing
1 month ago

Amazing and Challenging to get to the peak. Not for beginners that's for sure !!

Great hike that starts off easy but has a nice incline in the middle. Gorgeous views when you get deeper into the canyon.

Great view from the top. Took me almost 2.5 hours to complete.

Depends which trail u take.

great walk, when you get to the loop make sure you have walking sticks. some parts of the loop can get a little loose and steep.

3 months ago

Hi, this trail is by far one of the best, in the sense of challenging, the trail is up hill and washed out making it harder to hike. This is NOT A WALK IN THE PARK, involves also rock climbing and I will recommend lots of water and food, it will take your time to reach to the top. I actually record the journey myself with my gopro hero4, go check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH55k5H0POY
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Absolutely recommend this trail. Evenly dispersed steep areas throughout the trail with rest areas alike, makes it a very enjoyable hike. Filled with different views of Jamul, the climate changes throughout the hike also makes it one of my favorite relaxing spots in San Diego. With very little people ever around, it makes it a good area to get away from the crowds and get in sync with your thoughts. There is also a small cave you see once you are close to the top that I am definitely checking out on my next hike.

4 months ago

This is a nice one. Clearly marked with super cute markers. Quiet with great views. We went in Spring so lots of flowers. Like most San Diego County trails, temperatures warm up quickly. Chaparral and no shade. Negligible breeze. Terrain was rocky. There were hardly any critters, just bugs and birds.
It was really enjoyable with cool temps.

4 months ago

First off on the direction map it states the destination is on the right, it's on the left though. If you start by going up then you're good, opposite of the 130 marker. It's almost 2 miles steady climb, very manageable but really no flat until the top of the jeep trail. After that it's a road that cuts through, and a small trail dead ahead, luckily shortly into the trail someone marked an arrow with rocks helping hikers know they're on the right route. You get into some shrubs and some bouldering, which was more than the three sisters hike, and potentially more dangerous. A few things will help, wear hiking boots so you don't slip on the boulders. Go with an experienced hiker if you are not, there are some areas you can teammate through. Good team building exercise. Don't bring your spray paint and litter the trail with empty bottles at the top. Wouldn't recommend a first time hiker come here in the summer heat, not in shape. Recipe for disaster. It also helps to have another person to help you out if you aren't experienced on the boulders. Didn't see the cave but did see some cool rock formations and had good views at the top. Going down however, much different story so freaking easy going down. The trail it self is pretty good but when getting to the boulder climb it gets challenging, might slow your pace due to position of how your footing is to be able to climb the Boulders. The way you came up recommend you go the same way down. Tried to look for alternate route down, but none seemed Safer than the way I got up. Out of a 2.2 mile hike, you probably won't find one that you feel as satisfied making the top, good workout, I'll be back like terminator.

I have hiked all over..three sisters..Mt wilson..San miguel..cowles..iron mtn..fortuna..Kwaay Paay etc..I'd call this hike 30 percent harder than Cowles and twice as long..moderate for a fir daily hiker and hard for a weekend warrior..bring half gallon water and hike on a cooler day or in morning. took me hour and half..