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trail locations for Half Moon Bay, California
4 days ago

Beautiful day walking with Lucy.

Prob not 5 stars but using rating system to balance out the "1 star" rating because the dude couldn't find the trail. It's pretty easy to find if you read ratings below.

Did it many times with my dog. We lived near the Ritz and were on the beach more days than not. Great views!

Uneventful hike ny wife and I did on the way to Purisima. I did it once and the only thing really interesting was we went a little off trail to a pump house and found a recent deer kill by a mountain lion. She wasn't impressed! A one and done...

I've done everything in the park many times. This trail is best done walking up the creek first and then down on the other trails. Make sure to have shoes that grip well. There are some easy places to lose footing no matter what time of the year.... Winter wet and summers hard pan with loose dirt.

Five stars for the ocean views and the history of Mavericks. A great place for the dogs. I lived in HMB for a few years and to see Mavericks when it was breaking and being surfed was something I'll never forget....and my dog would still remember the trail and the beach on both sides of the point.

11 days ago

Five stars simply for the view not really the hike. I lived near the RItz for a few years and would do a combination of the trail and the beach. On a nice low tide you can walk the entire distance on the beach or there are a few places you can go up and down to the beach and trail to change things up

1 month ago

One of the most beautiful hikes I have done in a long time.

scenic driving
1 month ago

Breathtaking views.

2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful coastline! I've been staying at the pelican point RV park for the past month and 'hiked' all over this place. It really is beautiful, except it's not really what I'd consider hiking. I guess I'm just used to mountain hikes. But there are plenty of hard packed dirt trails all over the place that go for miles. Great for mountain bike riding! There is a nice paved trail that takes you around the ritz Carlton, it isn't that long (maybe 2 miles). It's extremely dog friendly just beware of ticks because they are EVERYWHERE! Make sure you check and recheck yourself and pets if you hit the trails or go anywhere near brush.

3 months ago

Beautiful view, easy trail for everyone.

It was so nice and peace full. When I went the other day the grass was very overgrown but other than that it was great. I would totally do it again!

3 months ago

Parked at The Ritz for free, beautiful hike, spent some time on the beach then headed to Sams chowder house for lunch!

So beautiful! Loved this hike!

Nice loop around for a jog, or a stroll with the dog. There is an open area where you can through around a ball, and beach access if you don't mind a bit of a climb.