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trail locations for Glendora, California
14 days ago

Very fun and scenic. A portion of it was closed, probably due to fire damage. From what it look liked it leads to Dalton trail. I only hiked to the tree near the edge of the cliff at the top and back. About a mile round trip.

short and to the point. best to walk the road and save the riverbed pathway.

29 days ago

29 days ago

Great views and nice workout.

I went just before sunset and the view was absolutely beautiful!! Difficult to go down Poop out trail if you don't have the proper shoes. This trail was perfect since I didn't have have much time before it got dark.

it's a bad trail...
you can get to the top and just praise God for how awesome He is...

Very steep at first but it levels off.
Great if you want a hard hike and have limited time.

1 month ago

Pretty nice short hike/walk. Not a lot of people. Has a few little other trails in between. Dry. Great views.

i want to go mountain biking but never been there if someone help out plz

Starts off a little steep but it's a short trail so very doable. Great for a quick workout!

2 months ago

Took the kids on a hike. Pretty kid friendly.

2 months ago

It's great if you want to take kids and dogs very nice area , but for adults a lil easy and boring once you complete

I went today to go off road ing and it was closed drove 1.5 hrs to be closed

Bad ass!!!

3 months ago

Excellent hike. Take mystic down. much easier decent and just a little walk back to the trailhead. Also safer than taking poop out down. loved the hike.