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You feel like your in the middle of nowhere but so close to home. My granddaughter is 2 and she loved it. It's a great activity with the kids.

The views at the top are amazing. The rest of the hike was through the forest with a bunch of teaser views.

Honestly, this is a butt kicker. Since it was rated as easy I took a first timer with me. This should probably be considered a moderate trail. It does get you tired after a while since it's literally always going up. The views at the top are incredible. It is so worth it, we stayed at the top for a while! The views are just incredible. The trail didn't really take us that long to get it done but it did get us really tired

2 months ago

The 1st mile will definitely warm you up. Really enjoyable out and back trail. The view from the peak is well worth the effort to get there. The elevation change from the floor of the San Joaquin Valley to the 10K+ was noticeable. Expect other hikes to join you at the peak but was not crowded by any means

3 months ago

Awesome hike! Not super difficult, nice day hike. The summit is absolutely incredible. Started around 10:30 and after spending about an hour on the summit, got back to the car lot around 2:30.

3 months ago

The trail itself was paved and easy. There are a lot of people that use the trail, traffic can be heard most of the way and far to many business ruin the wide open scenery. The trail is a good workout out though. There is hardly any shade on the trail so plan for a early to mid morning walk it in the evening.

4 months ago

This was a great trail for the kids. It was short, easy, and had little educational stops set up so the kids could learn about animals. My 2 year old never asked to be picked up, which means she was really having fun!

Not alot of natural shade. Easy trail. Excellent for kids and dogs

Alot of people on weekends. Very well kept, lack of natural shade.

Nice trail for a walk, run or a bike ride. The walk to the river is probably the best. The river could use a few more spots for sitting or taking a break after the walk. Overall, not a bad trail. Enjoyable.

6 months ago

Good trail anytime of the year. Very well kept and clearly marked paths. Decent variety of dirt paths and paved roads. Lots of people use these paths for walking, running, biking, and horses.

It's a good introduction trail to start off with.

Good local trail for bike riding, walking or jogging. Lots of people though, so you need to be courteous and stay to the right unless passing! Great for kids and dogs!

Great trail. I come here often due to it being close and convenient. You could do just about anything on this smooth trail walk, run or bike.

8 months ago

Beautiful hiking experience. The best part would have to be going under the 41 following the San Joaquin River going south west. There's a gorgeous set of trails past Woodward park and the rv park that is easy to follow and so peaceful. It follows all the way down to palm and even further than that. I highly recommend this trail for hiking especially with a dog. It's straight forward and a treat for long hiking or picnics. I routed a hike that you can find on my profile. It's quite lovely. Enjoy.

I haven't hiked this trail entirely. I live here and have however crossed this trail Near woodward park many times. Fyi.. to those who don't live here.. there seems to be an error on the location THIS APP gives as the starting point on the map. This app seems to show the starting point to be somewhere Near downtown Fresno. Because I live here, I know the starting point is on Friant Road just WEST of Woodward park where Fresno Street intercepts Friant. I do like this app in general. I use it when I travel. It does however have some misinformation occasionally.. I hope this is helpful to someone not familiar with this area.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Nice trail, can get off pavement to sinle & double track. Didn't have time to fully explore