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trail locations for Fort Bragg, California

This is a beautiful trail. Well kept up. It is pretty level the whole way until you head down to the ocean. Very accessible for children young and old (not stroller accessible for the most part). Ok to take you dog on leash only unless signs state otherwise. You'll love it!

I have been to this waterfall numerous times. I love the location however, the waterfall itself is not awe inspiring and the trail is steep and slippery. Plus you should know that this trail would be difficult for young children (-5). FYI
-The waterfall is a stream of water that has more volume in the winter months (Dec - April). This stream of water cascades over what looks to be a giant (and I mean giant!) black boulder. The structure of the waterfall is amazing, its just that the amount of water flow can be disappointing.
-The Location is amazing! Another post states that the location is "other-worldly" and I couldn't agree more! It looks like you have stepped into a movie. Beautiful redwood trees live and extremely tall along with some fallen redwoods that can be climbed on and experienced horizontally. There are also some beautiful clearings if you venture past the waterfall.

Overall I gave the trail 3 stars for the accessibility and the amount of water flow. The hike is also pretty short, and can be challenging on the way back.

Amazing! Takes about 2-3 hours to see everything. Admission is $14 for general, kids less, dogs are free. We brought our dog and she loved it, lots of little forest trails to walk thorough and shaded areas with a little creek. The bluffs are worth it at the end! Easy walk and the gardens are beautiful with most species labeled.

Beautiful, secluded beach perfect for off the leash fun with a pup

Very beautiful setting of the variety and then the ocean view is amazing

Beautiful! An easy trail that showcases the many micro climate ecologies of the Mendocino coast

off road driving
1 year ago

I drove from Willits to Ft. Bragg. It was Labor Day weekend, but there was not a lot of people on the trail. There were a couple different groups of hunters, and I thought I would have more company on the trail as I followed a couple of Jeeps in. I did not rate this trail very high for a few factors:
1. It is NOT challenging in a 4x4. There are some ruts you need to be aware of, and you do need some ground clearance because there are some narrow roads that have a few inches of rise in the center, but I never even considered taking my Grand Cherokee out of its everyday "Quadradrive" setting. If the ground is dry (which it was), you could make the trek in a 2wd. However, I can see that it could get muddy and maybe even treacherous after some moderate rain, so if you're making the drive, be aware of that.
2. It is NOT that scenic. This is a ridgeline drive, and you do get some nice views of the valleys along the way, but if you're looking to drive through the woods and end up looking down on the Pacific, you're going to be disappointed. However, the road does end right at the beach.
Like I said, I drove from Willits. You need a map or GPS to get through Brooktrails, and then the road sneaks up on you a little, but once you're on the road, it;s pretty easy to follow along. I did encounter one locked gate, but found another road (even a bit of a shortcut).

Easy walk/hike. Make sure you pick up the pamphlet that takes you through the ecological staircase. There are markers along the way.

1 year ago

I give this one 5 stars because it's picturesque the entire way ending at the beautiful Mendocino Coast. It's more of a walk than a hike.

Biked from Glass Beach to MacKerricker part. Beautiful.

Best ride we had on vacation! We road bikes from one end to the other and made a detour after glass beach for Hamburgers from Jennies Giant Hamburgers. Then an easy ride back to the start. Awesome views, wide, well done path.

Wrong Dennis. Between the two seasonal homes, which are not seasonal, is a 14 acre vacant lot, no home. Pedestrians are not allowed on to that property. Period.
Pedestrians have been given a sliver of easement, on the properties far north side, along ocean -- once again, no access onto the vacant lot is permitted. The vacant lot is also delineated on the west side - no one is permitted to walk there either.
Perhaps a large fence will remind people of this!

1 year ago

along the shore, what could not be more beautiful, relaxing, perfect vacation! we have done every bit of this trail many times many years and keep coming back! going from camp to the quiet beaches north to the Ten Mile River, recorded 9.6 miles out and back along the sandy shore seeing very few people! head south from camp through the cliffs and haul road all the way to glass beach and or town,approx 7miles out and back is beautiful with quite a few people but very worth it! we jog, walk, walk the dog (although no dogs aloud on ten mile dune )hike, bike, etc!

I run this trail monthly. I enjoy encountering hikers. It's 7 ish miles round trip from the parking lot through the staircase to Mitchell Creek gate and back again. You know, up one way means fun all the way back!

Great trail through the woods and around the ocean.