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Great small hike

Awesome hike! really pretty, relaxing, beautiful trail. lots of people with dogs and horses but enough room to feel like it's just you. get lost and take side trails. I really loved the water running in the river while we hiked. such bliss. a must! loved the oak trees and all the green around.

10 days ago

10 days ago

Great trail for a family day hike

no one on the trail but us! Took out 10 month old puppy. Weather was crisp distance was just right.

This was not a hike, more like a nature walk. I did appreciate all the shade. However it was not peaceful in the least, too close to the highway. If you are looking for a hike that will elevate your heart and be challenging look elsewhere.

Hiked this "trail" this morning. If you blink you'll miss the entrance, so watch out for the white ranch style signing because that is all there is. There is no parking lot just street parking along Hellers Bend road. The trail is paved the whole way up however there are dirt trails off on the sides. When you get to the top it appears the trail keeps going but is a dirt path. We followed this around and down another side of the hill and ended up on someone's private property. There was a chain with a Heller's Bend sign saying "No ATVs" so we had assumed this was just a barrier so atv's and other vehicles aren't used in the trail. Nope. So we had to climb back up the hill and then back down the paved trail. It wasn't a bad hike but I wish there was more signage and clear marker where you are not to go farther because it is someone's property.

The trail was extremely crowded when we got there at 8:30 o. A Sunday. Would not suggest this to anyone looking to hike!

Beautiful trail for a family adventure. I did this with my boyfriends parents who are in their 60s and they found it to be moderate. There are no steep inclines on this trail, mostly flat. We even brought our dog who loved swimming in the creek at the end of the hike. One of the best family hikes in San Diego.

Beautiful trail. Easy to get to and find. I found it to be moderate. A good incline, but not too difficult in my opinion.

Great trail for families! Beautiful!

As good as it gets. Love this trial. Finally we turned right up the hill and did the entire hike.

Monserate is not for beginners. I recommend hiking footwear to decrease risk of injury though I saw several in tennis shoes. There are washout areas along the trail and the terrain is rocky. I saw two guys running this trail but leave that to the experts. It was a busy Saturday morning with lots of dogs. I saw several piles of poo on the trail unfortunately. We did the 3.9mi loop in 2.5 hours, with a 15 min. summit time. You have the opportunity to make the trail longer by using the fire road along the water tower, among other paths. The incline makes for great for short training hikes, as well as the convenient location right off I-15, with plenty of parking. No facilities, no shade (except the NW side early am), bring water.

This trail is a quick jump off the freeway and has a nice steady incline. One of my favorites!

Good hike! No restrooms and the loop is a lot longer than you might think so make restroom visits before you start this hike.