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5 days ago

Fun trails, well maintained, natural terrain, not crowded, beautiful views

Really nice! !

so beautiful, God's gift!

Beautiful scenery and not too challenging.

Nice local trail looping around Olivenhain Reservior. Enough trail to get a good workout (10 miles) and variety of trails for families (2 miles to a chair.) Dog friendly with off-leash legal after 1 mile in!

Very pleasant day. Ended up with 9.5 miles by the time we included Boulder Loop which we highly recommend. Varied terrain and views throughout. Some open meadow, some tree covered, shady trail. Reminds us a bit of certain sections on So Cal PCT. Nice combination of elevations. Not a difficult hike but a very nice workout. Would do it again.

simple and nice walk ran in to a few bikers but the where very generous with sharing the trails.

19 days ago

Got a late start so kept it short Did a quick loop via the Ranch House to Sage trail and up to Stanley Peak. Beatiful views of Rodriguez & Palomar mountains as well as Woodson and others to the south. From there continued down to Dixon Lake and then home. Fun short day :)

Beatiful views at sunset.

23 days ago

This was a cool, moderate strenuous hike, especially the pair of lawn chairs on top of a massive boulder at the Southeast Peak and the peak log at the Southwest Peak. Racked up a total of 6.51 RT hiking mileage with a total 1,177 ft. elevation gain. First, we trekked to the Southeast Peak, then did about-face and saddle-backed towards the Southwest Peak to sign the peak log. Disappointed we didn't locate a geological benchmark, but the peak log is as good to make it an official hike after signing it.

I have hiked Coast to Crest a few times before, as I have just started hiking a few months ago. I finally decided to try this trail and I was surprised at how long it was and how I would think I was at the top but I still had like 5 more inclined switch backs. As a overweight gal just starting to do moderate hikes, this one was interesting. But once I got to the top, it was worth it.

Truth be told when I tried this hike back in the spring, I made it about half way up and gave up. Take note: I am about 140lbs overweight, sadly. So, finally this fall I decided I would tackle it again. I have lost 20lbs (so far) from hiking and cutting calories. I have hiked this trail 4 times now within a three week time frame. As an overweight gal, I burn well over 1500 calories on this trail. My 3 yr old Bichon Frise goes with me every time. I love the friendly people, I like it when the mountain bikers actually do have bells. I do stop about 5-7 times going up but the hike up is worth it.

I had never hiked before and decided to take my daughters on this hike, at the suggestion of my Ironman friend, who will remain nameless. We did the mile straight up and then decided to follow a path that went way out into the hot sunny desert with miles of switchbacks and no end in sight. We kept spotting people on clifflike trails far off in the distance. We would point and say OMG THANK GOD that is not us and then an hour later there we were. Finally, we passed a woman and her dog JOGGING and she said we only had another few switchbacks to get to the top. After stopping in the doggy graveyard we had to go all the way down again. It was a great hike but hot and dry and loooonger than I had thought. Not great trail markers at the time I went.