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trail locations for Escondido, California

Despite using the guide on the Modern Hiker website, I lost the trail a bit over a mile in and couldn't find it again as it became pretty overgrown. Met some others on the way who were pretty lost as well. Wear long pants as it's pretty easy to get scratched up!

If you're looking for a good workout, this would be it. Following close to the suggested route, there were plenty of uphill stretches that help with a bit of cardio, and even more so on a bike. You climb up high enough to get some decent views to the west and south, then when you get to the shelter at Boulder Loop trail you get an eastern view. (and today I got shelter from a sudden downpour) As you loop around to the north of Burnt Mountain, you get several views to the north. Then you give back all of that elevation gain on a descent to the trailhead. There's varied terrain to be seen, including oak groves, ridge trails and mountain meadows, There's also several geocaches waiting to be found.

So this hike is switched back up hill for at least the 1st Miles after that little rolling hills and flat I started at 6:30 am but the park does not open till 8am so had to park on the side of the road ..... great views I would bring water this is a good easy /moderate hike the first part is the hardest after that not to bad ..... I did the whole hike it took me 3hr to do I'm slow and took brakes to see the view .... my Fitbit said I did 7 miles .... trail is well marked I only got lost once ..... but if you go during the day there will be no shade and very hot ..... also get there early if you want a spot to park gets full quick.

7 days ago

7 days ago

Go early in the morning way better ... it took me 3 1/2 hours at a nice slow pace... not very active person.... but I finished it! got turned around on cougar ridge and bolder trail so just a quick heads up there are 3 hills in the hike that whoop my #** and one steep down hill . For views on the trail was nice lots of bunnies and humming birds ... not a very active trail in the morning started at 6:30am-10:00 am saw maybe 20 people max.. good like my fit but said 10.4 miles but I did get turned around ... agin do the hike in the morning gets way to hot in the afternoon not much shade after 9 am ..... ps dirt parking lot is free but no parking after dark .....

Awosome trail

Moderate hike with lovely views! The road getting to the starting point can be rough, but the trail is definitely worth it. There are several trails to choose from, and most are frequented by bikers. Saw lots of deer tracks and a coyote as well.

I hiked this peak 20 years ago and decided to do it again. I'm so glad that I did! Great moderate hike. I even took my pup who did great, but got a little tired coming down the hill. So I took it easy on the way back down. Bring water and plan for a few hours. Great training hike!

loved this hike

Great hike! The trail was kind of hard to find sometimes, I had to use my phone GPS to make sure I stayed on track. Not too busy though.

15 days ago

Great hike. Lots of shady spots. Great for kids. I even tried a stroller which kind of worked but not great. There was even a couple of this Indian mortar holes along the trail. A great surprise! Would definitely do it again.

16 days ago

20 days ago

Beautiful hike. Add Stanley peak for more of a challenge

Challenging if you're out of shape and it's hot out! ;-) absolutely gorgeous! Lots to see!

24 days ago

Daley Ranch is one of those gems known as diamond in the rough! Good hiking good work out!

25 days ago

Love Daley Ranch

25 days ago

Awesome view of Downtown Escondido