trail locations for Culver City, California

Classified as easy but that does not consider the stairs.excellent work out.

Love the stairs. Provides a moderate to difficult workout climbing up with a beautiful view at the top. You can choose to go back down the stairs or take the road the long way down.

The stairs are an excellent place to work yourself up to some more strenuous trails. Can get extremely crowded though.

This is a great Workout. I highly suggest you wear terrain shoes. I wear basic tennis and although they worked fine. Better traction would have been better. I didn't do any research ahead of time and thought I was gonna be walking up basic stairs. These are man made with large slabs of cement. Some of them are very high, which is like doing squats. And on weekends it's crowded so walking up the side of the stairs is difficult without traction shoes.

I recommend you climb the stairs, run down the paved canyon trail and then do the stairs again. There is also space up top to run a mini boot camp or get some add'l exercise in.

The best part was the Fruit Lady at the bottom. There is also a food truck that makes smoothies and breakfast stuff.

Parking is free and on the street, so you may have to walk a bit to get to the stairs, but a good work out.

awesome overlook here at Culver city

I love the stairs! Great interval workout! Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to go out, do some cardio, and have awesome views of the city. It definitely gets crowded and parking can be a little tricky. I usually find easier parking on the side streets which means you have to walk a little to get to and from your car. If you go early morning (before 7am), parking will be much easier. After that and throughout the day til sunset, is when parking is tricky and the crowds are a bit heavy.

Fun trail. Didn't go up the big stairway. Preferred the switchbacks.

This is definitely a popular choice for those who's main focus is to workout. 3 different routes to reach the top which will meet the needs of any fitness level. Once you reach the top there is a resting area where you can catch your breath and take in the view. Free street parking along Jefferson Blvd.

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3 months ago

Nice! Good trail for a quick, close to home nature run/walk.