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trail locations for Corona, California

Cool spot. Slippery at times, so certain tennis shoes might not cut it, but a lot of fun none the less!

I've done the trail all the way up to the Doppler Ball. Today we've done the lower part of Skyline. I really enjoyed it and the weather was perfect.

The drive to the parking lot is a long drive on a dirt/gravel road but once there it's a beautiful hike!

Now that the waterfall is gone, it isn't the same as before. People leave much more of their trash there. It just feels dirty now.

20 days ago

Parked on Lincoln right before the road curves to head way uphill, trails on your left in between wooden fence & house with the long driveway. Took my 2 year old, pretty easy hike, bit rocky. Take a trash bag if you're into picking up trash because there's a ton here.

26 days ago

Awesome view along the way and a gradual incline.

1 month ago

awesome trail. goes forever!
can't wait to do it again.


Pretty hike. The single track has lose shale so I would recommend hiking boots or trail runners with aggressive soles. It was quite warm (August 2016) but the fire road at the start provides some shade. Great view at the peak. If you expect to drive on the fire road (past the Y of blue jay and main divide, which is where we parked), four wheel drive is required. I would do again! Enjoy!

off road driving
1 month ago

Adventure buddy and I went up the backside since Santiago Canyon is closed in his 2000 Tacoma. Found a great spot to watch the meteor shower with a view of Corona. Haven't been up there in awhile. Trail is pretty soft in some spots and seems like it's been awhile since they've done any maintenance. Trail seems pretty washed out but you can still drive pretty much anything up there. Very dry and dusty, more so than usual, but with the drought I guess that's to be expected.

off road driving
1 month ago

Took my 2016 Tacoma out today. Didn't see any other vehicles on the trail on a Monday. Decided to go and look for a good view and have lunch. My truck did great. It's a narrow path, I was just worried about another vehicle on the trail.

on Skyline Drive

1 month ago

This's is a good trail to get a workout. Going up the initial hill will definitely get you to burn calories because it is very steep. Gravel is loose and slippery.

found the trail after getting on Skyline Trail past the trailhead. lots of trees and nice east incline. Rocky path in some spots, but not hard. Probably had a waterfall at the end when not in drought conditions

don't come here. the Foothills Pkwy is under construction. no way to get to the trail. found this out after wandering around the neighborhood and beginning of the Skyline trail. heading there now

Loved it!