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Falls trail really needs some trail crew loving. Lots of erosion and small dirt slides cover spots on the trail.

on Eagle Peak Loop

13 days ago

After doing this loop a few times, my preference is doing the trail in reverse from what is recommended. The ascent up mitchell rock / eagle peak might might be harder, but I prefer it to the rocky steep descent.

Parking is $6 per car, you pay just before entering at a kiosk. Restrooms and a visitor center are available at the trailhead. The parking lot opens at 8 A.M and is accessible until sunset.

Unfortunately, my father and I didn't pick the best day to undertake this trail. There was a race (~25-30 runners) that required us to frequently step off the trail. It was tough to get into a rhythm heading up, which made this trail more difficult. We were able to get to the junction of North Peak/Mount Diablo in a bit over two hours.

The map on AllTrails calls for you to summit Mount Diablo. I decided that North Peak was a better option; Mount Diablo's summit is basically a parking lot, whereas North Peak attracts exponentially less hikers. The only downside is that there are multiple radio towers at the top of North Peak, so you can't fully enjoy the summit. Eagle Peak is the only peak that offers a secluded view of Napa and the bay.

The trail up to Mitchell Rock and Eagle Peak is strenuous, and the remaining trail up to North Peak/Mount Diablo is calf-busting. The route my father and I took (Mitchell-Eagle-Junction-North Peak) had six miles of continuous, unrelenting uphill that will make even the fittest of hikers gasp for breath. The added hindrance of ~90 degree temperatures- and little shade- requires you to drink a lot of water.

Depending on which route you take, about 30% of the trail is on a fire road. The rest of the trail is narrow with terrain, ridges, and occasionally loose rocks. I highly recommend bringing hiking poles to aid you in these areas. Hiking shoes are a must.

Overall, this was a decent outing and I'd do it again. Be wary of the crowds and check for races/marathons ahead of time, especially if you're going on a Saturday. Additionally, check the weather- temperatures climbed as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit once we got back to the trailhead (1:00 PM.) Have fun!

Great hike in the winter or spring after some good rain. Not usually any water going in summer. Nice to get off the wide roadbeds and on single tracks for the falls, The 1st time I did it was with a friend whose natural hiking speed was faster than mine... It was more like trail running for me! It was good for me!

13 days ago

Great hike with a nice rake...

I've done it several times. Best to do in the spring since there is a lot of sunny open space. In the fall you have a chance to see a few tarantulas. One one of the hikes I was able to see a migration of lady bugs that were close to a foot deep on and around an old stump. Good views and a great workout...

13 days ago

Pretty simple hike that doesn't get that much use. Spring would be best for wildflowers. Uneventful enough so that I never did it a second time.

18 days ago

This hike provided a relatively decent hike, but there wasn't a lot of shade for most of the hike. The scenery wasn't breathtaking, perhaps because of the time of year that I went? I'd still recommend trying it out though, if nit just for a day adventure.

my experienece:


20 days ago


Gorgeous views of the whole tri-valley area, especially on a clear day.

Eagle peak trail was awesome. Great views.

Completed this hike 3 times. It is an amazing view from the top. Both being to see the Bay Area and the valley at the same time. The fact that you can drive to the top makes it way busier than it should be. Making it easy for people to just drive up and take pictures. Nothing wrong with that at all. But I do feel that you would appreciate it more if you hike the trail instead. Either way, the view is nice and it is a workout. Getting to Eagles peak is a awesome spot not a lot of foot traffic and you. An really take in your surroundings

Great trail, waterfall is dry as a bone right now but still cool. Uphill the first half and a nice downhill back.