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trail locations for Claremont, California

nice, relatively flat and easy trail, not a whole lot of shade. Two parking lots, one at the trail head, and an overflow like a block away. 3 bucks to park for 4 hours (took me 2 hours to complete trail with a couple short stops)

Mostly uphill but not too difficult.

People posted photos that is not the same as this hike. You are not hiking up to Mt. Baldy. This hike is way below Baldy. So beware if you are using this as a guide. You don't get into Glendora Ridge road, as this trail does, you stay on Baldy Road.

great and very scenic. good if you like that nature walk but still close to home type thing. it's not very "in the wilderness" (the trail crosses through a golf course) but it's still very beautiful and very scenic. I've gone as far as the gazebo at the top of the hills about 8 or so miles in. my cross country team used to do runs here alot so it's really a HIKE to where u need to pack alot of gear. one or two bottles of water and some comfy shoes and you'll be fine. if u run short on water, just ask one of the many cross country runners that train up there. they'll definitely have water on em haha.

nice recreational hiking. quite a few different trails you can take, the basic loop isn't difficult at all, very highly trafficked so you don't feel quite as "in nature" . pretty nice views, I'd say it's a great beginner and recreational hike. nice trail for jogging if u wanna practice hills. I'd say it's more of a scenic walk than a hike

a very highly trafficked trail. the trails are very defined so you don't really get that "out in nature" feel like the more isolated and less trafficked trails. but overall still a very nice hike. great for recreation, and even running. TIP bring a pair of binoculars and on a really clear and breezy day, once you reach to peak you can see aaalll the way out to L.A. and even Catalina island.

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Super easy walk!

11 days ago

Enjoyable hike with the dogs

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Easy walking , running. Not difficult at all

Great views, some shade, excellent workout. Better than chino hills state park trails for hiking.


amazing trail.. i love it!!