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trail locations for Chula Vista, California

Short but steep towards the top. Good workout.

This is right by my home. There were at least a dozen people out there at 6pm. Doesn't say closed out there. I went alone but I recommend a partner. Some areas were hard but not terrible. I'm not young or in perfect shape. It was a great work out. Don't expect to be clean when you're done!

14 days ago

You'd think that cacti would be boring to look at but this is a really pretty trail. We went in September and it was really nice. Definitely will be going again.

Great trail

17 days ago

Nice quick hike. Book to sign at top, also someone left water bottles on top for hikers.

Nice trail

Great morning hike

Great hike

Good walking /biking/running trail...easy trail.

24 days ago

So beautiful

this trail is incorrectly rated. It should be rated as Hard. We hiked 3.5 files in, so 7.0 miles roundtrip. mostly uphill to start. 1800 foot elevation change. great hike. lots of rocks on the trail. be prepared.

2 months ago

nobody takes the actual trail.
felt like that guy with the big head in the Shrek movie when running back haha but still nice and easy...

2 months ago


For everyone talking about the switch backs, you are NOT supposed to cut across them. Nor are you supposed to go straight up the mountain!! You're destroying trails and wildlife by doing this, that can ultimately close down trails. If you don't know etiquette or how to stay ON a trail, you don't belong on them.

It's an easy walking/running trail. The location is why it got an extra star. It's a little gem in the middle of the suburbs. There is minimal parking at the trail head but more is available at the park across the street. There's no view but the tidy path and shrubbery make up for it. With summer here most of the shrubs are brown but that's just incentive to come back during spring. The only con is that people are not picking up their dog disrespectful.