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trail locations for Chula Vista, California
2 days ago

REALLY wish I'd read the reviews first!

The trail isn't marked at all. So, just my luck, I went the wrong way and went up the wrong mountain (hill, probably) to start off with! It was only a mile off course, and the map on the app didn't help because poor reception.

On my way back to where I was pretty sure I was supposed to go I saw a trail going up so I took it. Apparently that's the steep side these reviews talk about. KILLER work out! I never found any switchbacks. Maybe a few near the top. It was pretty much straight up the whole way.

I went early so there wasn't really anyone to follow on the way back down and somehow I took the same steep side going back. DON'T DO THAT! Super dangerous without the right equipment. My shoes have great traction but I felt unsafe.

About the top:
Great view of all of San Diego. If you go early enough and catch the sun rising you get a stunning view of the light bouncing off of all the buildings Downtown.

Any Patriots will really love this hike. The hard work to get there and then seeing the American and POW flags gives you some real perspective. Do yourself a favor and take a minute to sing the National Anthem while you're there.

14 days ago

Moderate in difficulty with some good uphill (but not hard) workout. 75% of the trail has no shade, not much scenery, and an easy descent hurt the score but the view at the top kept it up. Once you reach that flag in the rocks, its incredible.

mountain biking
15 days ago

City of San Diego flattened it. Still a fun beginner trail.

trail is closed to the public. no trespassing sign clearly posted along with a locked gate

25 days ago

Very confusing with all of the different paths! Follow the map! If you stick to the switchbacks it's not a bad hike! Beautiful view in the end :)

Short but steep towards the top. Good workout.

This is right by my home. There were at least a dozen people out there at 6pm. Doesn't say closed out there. I went alone but I recommend a partner. Some areas were hard but not terrible. I'm not young or in perfect shape. It was a great work out. Don't expect to be clean when you're done!

1 month ago

You'd think that cacti would be boring to look at but this is a really pretty trail. We went in September and it was really nice. Definitely will be going again.

Great trail

1 month ago

Nice quick hike. Book to sign at top, also someone left water bottles on top for hikers.

Nice trail

Great morning hike

Great hike

Good walking /biking/running trail...easy trail.

1 month ago

So beautiful